Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jon Kelley Wright Workers’ Memorial Fund

Wow! What a loss! What a story! What a man!

This article is one of those you just don't want to touch. It is a perfect summary of what most families have experienced after our loss. Every grieving process is different as is how it is handled and what we do with it. Well, Derek Wright has found his niche, a great tribute to his Uncle Jon Kelley Wright and a way to help others in his position.

This article is a little old but just incase you haven't read it please take a few moments it is worth the read.

One year since Chrysler murdered my uncle

This fund will allow Haymarket Books to publish an annual series of books about the labor movement and other struggles of working people to change the world. The first title in the series is The Labor Wars by Sidney Lens.

I hope that the Jon Kelley Wright Workers' Memorial Book Series will inspire others to dedicate their lives to the struggle for a world where safety on the job is more important than profits, and that it will help keep the memory of my beloved uncle alive.

So we're inviting anyone else who has lost someone they love in a workplace disaster to memorialize their loved one through this book series, and we'll print all of the names on the dedication page of each book.

Jon Kelley Wright Workers’ Memorial Fund, please visit, where you can also contact the fund.
To support this project, you can give a tax-deductable donation to the fund by writing a check payable to:
“CERSC,” writing “Workers Memorial Fund” in the memo line, and
sending it to:
CERSCP.O. Box 258082
Chicago, IL 60625

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