Monday, February 23, 2009

Coal Miners Memorial

Stella Morris lost her husband, David "Bud'' Morris Jr., working in the coal mines of Kentucky. Stella has been a strong advocate for miners and there families willing to share her experience with anyone who would listen.

Bud was killed because the only certified emergency technician, Gary Bentley (who also had a stake in the mine), working at the time of the accident failed to provide the first aid that could have saved Bud. Not only did bud endured the initial incident of having his leg cut off but then bled to death because Gary had failed to put a tourniquet on Buds wound all while his coworkers watched in horror and did all they could to help Bud.

Stella explained, “My husband went 55 minutes without any medical treatment, and that's uncalled for,” Stella Morris said during an August interview. “He would still be alive today if they had treated him properly.”

Stella is now fighting for a memorial to honor the miners lost. You can help Stella reach her goal by purchasing a tee.

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