Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Surface Miner Electrocuted

October 3, 2012 - Wishram, WA - 54 year old Richard Aldrich of White Salmon was electrocuted while working for Pacific Northwest Aggregates.  No details to how or why the incident happened are known. He was a General Superintendent of the mining operation.

Woman Murdered During Robbery

October 5 - Orange County, FL - 53 year old Ying Jie Sun of Pine Hills was shot and killed inside the China Wok restaurant where she was working. An armed and masked man came into the restaurant to rob it. When she didn't understand what he was saying, he shot and killed her.  

Office Dies During Training Exercize

October 7 - Austin, TX - 67 year old Sgt. Paul Hernandez suffered a fatal heart attack while training for physical readiness for the Texas Highway Patrol. Hernandez served as a law enforcement officer for 35 years.  

Worker Killed at Recycling Center

October 8 - New Castle, DE - 53 year old Robin Godfrey of Wilmington was killed when she was struck by a forklift while working for Eastern Metal Recycling in New Castle. She got off the machine to and it began to roll backwards. As she attempted to jump on the machine, she was pinned against a wall.

Vehicle Crash Kills Worker

October 8 - Dallas, TX - 26 year old Hakeem Mohammed was killed and his co-worker hurt when their Texas Department of Criminal Justice car ran into two horses standing on the road.   The crash happened at 3:00AM and it is not clear if it was work related or not.

Landscaper Killed by Felled Tree

October 9 - Hamilton County, OH - James Keller was killed when a tree fell onto him while working to remove a tree on a homeowner's property. His co-worker was not injured. 

One Worker Killed, One Injured at Plant

October 10 - Norfolk, NE - 58 year old Perry Hoemann, of Hoskins, was killed and a co-worker injured while working at the Norfolk Nucor Steel plant. They were dismantling a piece of equipment when a counterweight broke loose and struck the payloader machine they were standing in.

Wall Collapse Kills One, Injures Three

October 10 - Glasglow, KY - 63 year old Kenneth E. Decker of Bee Springs was killed when a nearly completed wall collapsed during a road construction project.   Officials believe Decker and the other workers were on top of the wall when it collapsed under them.

October 10 - Minneapolis, MN - Eric Rivers has died after being on life support for two weeks. He was working at Accent Signage System on September 27 when a disgruntled co-worker opened fire, killing five others, including a UPS delivery driver who was at the business.

Worker Dead at Food Plant

October 11 - Santa Fe Springs, CA - 62 year old Jose Melena of Whittier died when he became trapped in an active steam oven while working the overnight shift at Bumble Bee Foods tuna processing plant. He was discovered inside the oven by co-workers as they arrived for work in the morning. It is unclear how he came to be inside the active oven.

Road Worker Crushed

October 11 - Beverly Hills, CA - Adolfo Figueroa was crushed to death under a 3,000 pound steel beam while working on a road construction project. The beam was being lifted off the truck when it came loose and fell onto Figueroa. He was employed by Kiewit Resources.

Four Workers Crushed Under Falling Structure

October 12,15 - Doral, FL  - A five-story parking garage collapsed on the Miami Dade College West Campus in Doral, killing four workers and injuring several others. Following are the men who died in this incident:  48 year old Carlos Hurtado Demendoza; 60 year old Jose Calderon; 53 year old Samuel Perez and Robert Budhoo whose body was not recovered until the 15th. All the workers were employed by Ajax Building Group.

Worker Killed by Driver

October 12 - Canton, OH - 61 year old Franco Didomenico of Dearborn Heights was struck and killed by a driver who he was trying to help back out of his garage. Didomenico was a contractor working at a condominium when the incident occurred.

Musician Dies at Second Job

October 14 - Memphis, TN - 70 year old Blake Baker Cunningham Jr., known as B.B., was shot and killed while working a second job as a security officer at a Memphis apartment complex. Cunningham came to the aide of a co-worker when he was killed in a shoot out at the complex.


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