Monday, April 20, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and condolences are with all families who have suffered the loss of a loved one at work. If we can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to ask. If you notice an error in any information, please let us know. We strive to find the best article to link in our post.

April 1, 2015 - Brighton Beach, NY - 50 year old Vidal Sanchez-Roman of Brooklyn was killed on the job when he fell six stories from a scaffold on a construction site. We were not able to determine who he was employed by.

April 1 - Warwick, NY - 38 year old Tonny Teskera was working with a crew at Hickory Hills Golf Course on a tree clearing project when he was struck and killed by a fallen tree. He was rushed to a rear by hospital where he died. He was an employee for Orange County Parks and Recreation.

April 1 - Richmond, VA - 54 year old Kevin Lee Eskew of Williamsburg was killed on the job when he was struck by a train in the CSX Acca Yard near Richmond. Circumstances for the incident are not known. He was an employee for CSX Railway Corp. 

April 2 - Clermont, FL - An elderly driver attempting to make a turn, pulled into the path of another driver who ran off the road way and struck three Service Electric Company utility workers, killing all three.  The following workers were from different cities working in Clermont:  

35 year old Jeremy Scott Bradshaw was from Albany (photo not found)


34 year old Dewey Summerlin was from Franklin

40 year old Jeffrey Estes resided in Ringgold.

April 2 - Argyle, TX - 36 year old Julio Ledesma of Fort Worth died on the job as the result of a structure collapse. He was working on the frame of the new Argyle High School athletic center when it collapsed under him. He was employed by Warnick Metal Building Erectors.

April 3 - Wintersville, OH - 25 year old Nick Desarro of Wellsville was operating a forklift at a Walmart Distribution Center when he fell from the forklift. Authorities say was standing up in the forklift when he fell onto boxes with his feet were still inside the forklift. The sheriff said there was a small puddle of blood inside the forklift, leading them to suspect that maybe Desarro had suffered a medical issue. He was taken to an area hospital where he died of his injuries.

April 6 - Manhattan, NY - An unidentified 22 year old construction worker died on the job when he was buried in a trench collapse. He was working in a hole at the Meatpacking District construction site when the dirt gave way and collapsed in on him, police said. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

April 6 - Culpeper, VA - 27 year old Sonny L. Streightiff of Orange was working with a crew for an unknown employer to clear trees on a piece of property. As he was cutting a tree, one of the limbs broke off and fell onto Streightiff. 

April 7 - Argyle, TX - 22 year old Daniel Moran of Haslet was working on the construction site for the Argyle High School when he was killed on the job. Moran was guiding a tractor trailer semi truck from behind it when he somehow got caught by the back right tires of the last trailer. It is not clear who Moran's employer was but Northstar Builders Group suspended work since Moran was the second worker killed in a week on the job site.

April 10 - Fall Creek, WI - 29 year old Dustin John Keith of Altoona was a public works employee for the Village of Fall Creek when he was killed on the job. He was operating a lawn tractor equipped with a brush on the front for clearing snow when he was struck by a Union Pacific train. The bike/walking path he was clearing crossed paths with the railroad tracks. 

April 11 - Schuyler, NE - 26 year old Craig Allen Anderson of Columbus was killed on the job of a construction site south of Schuyler. Anderson was driving a payloader while attempting to free a cement truck that had become stuck by pulling the vehicle with a chain. The chain snapped and struck Anderson. He was employed by Gehring Construction and Ready Mix.

April 11 - Mattawa, WA - 57 year old Daniel Martinez Cortez died on the job when a tractor he was operating overturned. He was pulling an empty sprayer when he apparently over corrected after going off the side of the road, causing the tractor to overturn. He was employed by Evans Fruit Company, Inc.

April 12 - Seattle, WA - Pedro Lopez was injured on March 31 when he fell 19 feet to the ground when he unhooked from his fall protection system.  Exact circumstances are not known but he died on April 12 after being hospitalized. He was an employee for Key Real Estate Services LLC. 

April 13 - Orlando, FL - 36 year old Gary Terry of Davenport was a professional driving instructor and senior operations manager at the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World. He was the passenger in a Lamborghini with a man who was celebrating his birthday with a driving experience when the driver failed to maneuver the high-powered vehicle through the course and the sports car's passenger side struck the guardrail. Terry was employed by Petty Holdings who operates the Exotic Driving Experience.

April 13 - Goldsboro, NC - 44 year old Ronald Dwight Lane had just arrived at work at Wayne Community College when he was sought out for a targeted attack by another man who shot him. Lane was the Print Shop supervisor at the college. The man targeted Lane was arrested and has been charged with murder.

April 15 - Elk Grove Village, IL - 50 year old Wayne Follman of Lake in the Hills was killed on the job after he was caught in a piece of machinery while working at Acme Industries plant. He somehow because caught in a power lathe, used to shape wood or metal products.

April 15 - Petaluma, CA - 28 year old Jared Overfield of Novato worked as a pipe layer for the San Rafael based Maggiora & Ghilotti Construction. He was on a construction job along Highway 101 when he was crushed by a giant rolling metal pipe. Just prior, a forklift operator set down a large metal pipe sealed in concrete but the pipe broke loose and started heading towards the highway. Overfield reacted and tried to stop the rolling pipe, but was crushed in the process, according to investigators.  (video photo in link)

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