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The Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Today's post is a listing of workers lost on the job in June 2015 that we previously did not have information for.
If we can be of any help to family or friends, please contact us.

Maintenance Worker Trapped Under ATV

June 1 - Murfreesboro, TN - 24 year old Cody Ryan Thorp was a ground maintenance worker for Thor Sport Farm in Murfreesboro. He was operating an ATV when it flipped and pinned him under the machine.

Nursery Worker Dies in Fall From Tractor

June 1 - Oxnard, CA - Soledad Villanueva was operating a tractor for Skyline Flowers in Oxnard. He died on the job when he fell from the tractor.

AAA Subcontractor Stabbed in Random Attack

June 2 - Pico Rivera, CA - Raymond A. Zabala III was working to help his mother with a dead battery when a transient randomly attacked him with a knife. He was stabbed in the neck. He was an employee for Petra Towing, Inc.

Street Sweeper Driver Killed in Crash

July 3 - Randlett, UT - 25 year old Steven Chet Goodrich of Bluebell was driving a street sweeper vehicle when it was struck from behind by an SUV. The impact of that event pushed the street sweeper off the road and into a ditch where it rolled and Goodrich was partially ejected. He was an employee for Staker & Parson Co. of Randlett.

Worker Crushed Under Mower

June 3 - Concepcion, TX - Nicolas Garza was working for Sorgente Ranch Properties Ltd when he died on the job after being crushed under a mower he was operating. No further information is known.

Construction Worker Dies From Fall

June 3 - Syracuse, NY - Michael DeFio was killed on the job when he fell from a ladder-jack scaffold that he was working from. He was an employee for S.G.V. General Contractor.

Worker Dies During Museum Construction

June 3 - Washington, DC - 35 year old Ivan Smyntyna of Roswell, GA was working at a construction site for the new National African American History Museum in DC. He was crushed between a block wall and a falling counterweight of a suspension scaffold. He was employed by Miller-Clapperton Partnership, Inc. of Washington, DC.

Guam Worker Crushed

June 4 - Tamuning, Guam - An unidentified worker was fatally crushed by marble slabs that shifted in a container during loading.

Worker Drowns in Pool

June 4 - El Paso, TX - An unidentified employee for Ricardo Gonzalez drowned after falling into a swimming pool.

Electrician Touches Live Wires 

June 4 - Heath, OH - 24 year old James "Jimmy" Wolfe Jr. of Newark was workingon a junction box from a scissor lift when he was electrocuted after coming into contact with the electrified wires. He was an employee for Weekley Electric, LLC of Heath.

Maintenance Worker Electrocuted

June 4 - Bossier City, LA - 26 year old Demarcus Hall was working at the Alexis Park Apartment complex when he was fatally electrocuted. He was conducting maintenance to a flagpole at the entrance of the apartment complex. He was apparently electrocuted when the flagpole touched a neighboring power line. He was employed by Fairfield Property Management of Bossier City.

Demolition Worker Dies on Job

June 4 - Edelstein, IL - 59 year old Edward Hartwig of Henry had been hired by a property owner to demolish a house and dig out the basement. He was found dead on an incline of the property with a jack-knifed truck and trailer nearby with its engine running. An excavator was also found nearby. He suffered head trauma but the circumstances are unknown. He was self employed by Ed Hartwig Trucking and Excavation Inc.

Bakery Worker Suffers Fatal Burns

June 4 - Lewisville, TX - 50 year old Cardell Anthony Randle of Dallas died on the job after he was burned by scalding water. It is not known how he was burned. He was employed by Bakery Express.


Helicopter Incident Kills Man

June 5 - Hudson, IA - 51 year old Jeffrey Lee Graham of Waverly was performing maintenance on a stationary helicopter near a farm in Hudson when something went very wrong. He was working on the tail rotor when the  rotating rotor struck him. He was an experienced pilot and employed by Ritel Copter Service, Inc.

Worker Struck by Train

June 5 - Colt's Neck, NJ - An unidentified employee of the Navel Weapons Station Earl was killed on the job when he was struck by a train. No further information was found.

Worker Falls From Crane

June 5 - Chattanooga, TN - 64 year old Richard Randolf "Randy" Daughtery Sr. was a crane operator for Jake Marshall Company. He died on the job when, for an unknown reason, fell from the crane.

Dairy Worker Thrown into Pond

June 5 - Okeechobee, FL - 18 year old Gilberto Cax-Chiliel was most likely unable to swim when he was thrown into a pond. He had been riding a horse at C & M Rucks Dairy when he was thrown off the horse and into the pond.

Man Electrocuted on Job

June 6 - Santa Maria, CA - 21 year old Cesar "Toker" Montelongo-Pulido was an employee for M&W Pumps in Santa Maria. He was fatally electrocuted when he came into contact with power lines.

Worker Struck by Semi

June 7 - Springfield, OH - Daniel Walker was killed on the job when he was struck by a semi truck. He was employed John R. Jurgensen Co. Further information was not found.

Worker Drowns When Mower Enters Lake

June 7 - Vero Beach, FL - Antonio Gasper was operating a riding lawn mower for Austin Outdoor LLC when the machine slid into a lake. Gasper was unable to get out of the water.

Farm Worker Dies in Silo

June 8 - Mansfield, PA - 26 year old Jason Andrew Kingsley of Mainesburg was asphyxiated when he fell into a silo. He and another man were working near four covered silos holding grass silage at Gor Wood D Holsteins Farm. They were at the top of one of them trying to unplug an air cleaner used to improve air quality in the silo when both men slipped into the silo. Kingsley struck his head causing him to fall the furthest.

Employee Dies in Fall

June 8 - Homestead, FL - An unidentified employee for Commercial Cool-Temp Corp. died on the job when he fell from an elevation while welding.

Construction Site Death

June 9 - Old Forge, PA - 62 year old Robert Ream was working on a construction paving project when he was killed on the job. He was struck by a milling machine during the road construction. He was employed by E.J. Breneman L.P. in Old Forge.

Worker Falls From Roof

June 9 - Bonne Terre, MO - Delfino Ramirez died on the job when he fell from a roof while working for Williams Contractors LLC.

Fall From Roof Kills Worker

June 9 - Salem, VA - An unidentified worker fell to his death from a roof while working for Amos Roofing.

Construction Worker Dies in Fall

June 10 - Fayetteville, GA - An unidentified construction worker at a residential site was killed on the job when he fell from an unknown elevation.

ATV Collision Causes Death of Worker

June 10 - Madera, CA - 19 year old Isaac Rey Barrientos was a farm hand when he was killed in an ATV collision. It is not clear how the incident took place. He was working for Lion Farms.

Worker Electrocuted

June 10 - Buffalo, TX - Charlie Crownover was an employee for BRG Energy, Inc. of Buffalo when he was electrocuted as a forklift boom contacted an energized power line. No further details are known.

Logger Struck by Machinery

June 11 - Deary, ID - Douglas Cook was working at a logging site near Deary when hew as killed on the job. He was struck by the carriage of a line machine. He was employed by Pine Creek Logging, LLC.

Man Struck by Car

June 11 - Cucamonga, CA - Charles Hinz was killed on the job when he was struck by a car. It is not known the nature of his job but he was employed by AFS Investments, LLC of Cucamonga.

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