Monday, February 05, 2007

A Family Farewell

Many have written about Jordan’s leave and his four-year accomplishments blogging for the health and safely community.

A Farewell and Tribute to Confined Space

Award-winning workplace safety writer ends website

No one has really covered what Jordan has meant to the families. Jordan has granted families something tremendously important to the grieving process and rarely offered, Jordan has given families acknowledgment. He has broken the cycle of them and us in government and embraced the involvement of families who have been directly affected. Jordan has provided a place for family members to finally gather together.

Any family searching for information pertaining to their loss has found Jordan’s Confined Space. Confined Space has been an outlet for families to vent and a knowledge base educating them as to the commonality of workplace deaths, what is being accomplished or not, what steps should be taken, and who we can go to.

For many Jordan has also been a therapist; always managing to answer questions and listing to the babble we mange to have on our off days. Having lost a brother I realize the magnitude of this loss for others. There is no way to replace Confined Space and Jordan’s role with families and this was evident after the many calls and emails I received when family members had discovered Jordan had closed shop.

A few of the responses from family members:

…“I couldn’t believe it I’m really sick to my stomach.”
…“Tell me I read this wrong, Jordan is quitting what are we going to do?”
…“God, did you know he was leaving? Why didn’t you tell us?”

I had a few really long calls and tried to convince them Jordan is in a better position for them, he really needed the brake and it was his place to announce his leave. Although everyone I spoke to understood they left grieving another worker who gave us hope! So from all the families and the understatement of the year, We will miss you!


Toxic Reverend said...

Maybe Jordan Barab will be able to use homicide charges against the "Red Collar Crime" of corporate America.
There is one District Attorney that has won ten criminal reckless homicide cases against corporations. But not the people that operated the companies in a reckless manner as one would recklessly operate a motor vehicle.
"Red Collar Crime" ( try a Google search on that) is documented at:
I have been posting information about the "corporate personhood" being a "clerical error" as reported by Project Censored. As well as the "political fallout" from criminal charges against a corporation. A quick example is posted about Pacific Lumber bankrolling a recall campaign against the District Attorney that tried to charge them with fraud and a homicide case that Pacific Lumber was never criminally charged for. An advocate named David "Gypsy" Chain was killed while helping to videotape trees being fraudulently harvested. That is to say that he was killed "during the commission of a crime".

The contact information for the DA that has won the cases, was linked into the posted story about it.
But the link now goes to their new DA (McCann retired 12-31-06),

Excerpts From Reference 162

E. Michael McCann, a longtime district attorney of Milwaukee County, said he has prosecuted more than 10 corporations for reckless homicide over the last two decades and has won every case.

End Of Excerpts From Reference 162 at:>

Michael McCann, longtime district attorney of Milwaukee County has retired and is not at
You can do a search at the above link for that university on "McCann", for more information.

Just found out that he retired Dec. 31, 2006 while posting this blog comment, myself..... working on it. as is Russel from "Corporate Crime Reporter" at

And that is a web page you might want to follow when it comes to "corporate accountability".


The Toxic Reverend

Who's a criminal ?

---- End Of Forwarded Message -----

Best regards,

Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend

Homicide Charges For Corporations

The Gospel of Toxic Revelations
^(Rough Draft of "abstract" is posted)^
Biological / Chemical Weapon Information, History & Treatments.
Verifiable sources and peer reviewed medical journals.

The Vets call for "Treason"

Tammy said...


Holy Cow that is a load of info. I did a brief on it...but need some time to really go through it right. I really prefer not to comment on what I do not know; which happens to be a lot but I did find some interesting info.

As far as Vets…that is a sad state and still can’t figure out why others don’t find it in their heart to take care of the Vets and their families. It Vet rights parallel the workers rights. The low man on the totem pole, the very ones that hold it up are left behind.

Keep up the good fight!

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