Friday, August 10, 2007

Mine Saftey Watch Reports

Kathy Snyder's reports the loss of 3 more miners.

Three miners died in Indiana this morning during a shaft-sinking operation. Early reports were that the accident involved a lift bucket in the shaft. Ms. Snyder states, "MSHA's usual practice at least since McElroy has been to hold the independent contractor in a shaft sinking operation responsible for safety as long as the new shaft isn't connected to the mine. Regarding independent contractors at mines generally, MSHA can hold the mine operator and/or contractor responsible based on their specific activities and degree of control over safety and health conditions."

I am a strong advocate for placing the blame where the blame is due. Something I hope one day will change. Workers comp keep employees from suing their companies for the most part and then we have this. This isn't the first time there has been confusion to the point there was no one really responsible for dealing with a loss. posted here "Chad Cook, 25, was killed driving a coal truck and although he was on the job it wasn't a death in the mine hence no MSHA investigation and it was a road incident on private property (the mines property) hence no OSHA investigation."

Really is there any way of knowing how or who is responsible until after an independent investigation.

This not long after Statement by Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Edwin G. Foulke Jr. on New Workplace Fatality Data. "We are pleased to see both the rate and number of fatal work injuries continue to decline. More working men and women are returning to their loved ones at the end of the work day," said Foulke. "While these figures demonstrate progress, we still have a long way to go.

"We believe our initiatives are working. However, even one fatality is one too many. To end fatalities, injuries and illnesses on the job, nothing is more effective than prevention. We remain committed to helping all employers protect their most valuable resource --- their employees."

I wonder why the endearing words after having children draw and view incidents that implicate the workers. “Adult’s Do The Darndest Things” nothing like teaching six year olds if their mother or father is killed at work it is their fault. It would be great if OSHA was teaching young adults before they went into the workforce but please give them some real protection and skills.

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