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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Following is a list of worker's from JULY 2012 which were not previously known to us.  Our hearts go out to the families.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

JULY 2012

July 1 - Nitro, WV - 45 year old Rex Michael Wilcoxen, of Fraizers Bottom, who on June 25th was exposed to toxic fumes died of asphyxiation.  According to reports, a helper hooked up what he thought to be an air line for Mr. Wilcoxen but it instead was to a nitrogen line.  When Wilcoxen put on the supplied air hood, he lost consciousness from the nitrogen. He was employed by AC&S, Inc. a Nitro chemical manufacturer.

July 1 - Andrews, TX - 20 year old DeAndre Ross died on the job while working for Thornton Drilling Co.  He was electrocuted while power washing.

July 2 - Lucedale, MS - 15 year old Thomas Harlan Jr. was killed while working when he was struck in the head by a pole moving on a tram.  He was employed by Tri-State Pole & Piling, Inc. 

July 2 - Houston, TX - 61 year old Alfredo Ruiz was killed on the job when he sustained head injuries after being struck by a forklift and knocked to the ground. He was employed by CHEP dba Catalyst & Chemical Containers.

July 2 - Anchorage, AK - 42 year old Joseph Renteria, of Eagle River, died of drowning when his security truck drove off the end of a pier and into Knik Arm at the Port of Anchorage.  It is unclear the cause for the truck driving into the water.  He was port security guard for Doyon Universal Services, Inc.

July 2 - Austin, TX - 42 year old Pedro Hernandez Gomez was electrocuted when the aluminum extension ladder he was using touched power lines.  He was an arborist for The Tree Tender. 

July 2 - Solon, OH - 60 year old Lewis A. Bissell of Mentor, sustained injuries in an un-witnessed event and he was found on the floor with his forklift nearby in-gear and running. He was employed with Superior Beverage Group, Ltd.


July 3 - Jefferson, GA - 40 year old Scott Parr died on the job after falling into an energized switchgear (electrical box) while attempting to remove a stripped screw from the cover.  He was employed by Escoe Industrial Contractors, Inc.

July 3 - Random Lake, WI - 39 year old Karl Bramschreiber of Horicon, was killed on the job when he was caught between moving machinery and a building structure.  He was employed by Laning's Dairy Supply. 

July 3 - Lake Geneva, WI - 45 year old Keith Krause was killed on the job when he fell approximately 25 feet through an opening in a roof at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club.  He was self employed with Krause Building, LLC. 

July 3 - Teague, TX - 52 year old Charles Matthew died on the job when he fell from an elevated bucket while trimming trees.  He was employed by Rutherford Tree Service.

July 5 - Chireno, TX - 34 year old Jeremy Keith Neely was killed on the job while working for Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc.  He was struck by an end cap that separated from a high pressure pumping unit at a gas well site. 

July 6 - Tuscaloosa, LA - 47 year old Mike Singley of Axis, was killed on the job while working for West Alabama Mechanical, Inc.  He was struck by a crane gear box/pump on the boom as he attempted to jump off the crane as it was tipping over. 

July 6 - Fort Hancock, TX - 29 year old Leopoldo "Leo" Cavazos, Jr., a Border Patrol agent for Customs and Border Protection, was killed while working when he was crushed under his ATV vehicle as it flipped backwards on a slippery and steep embankment. 

July 6 - Atlanta, GA - 23 year old Jose S. Coronado-Flores was electrocuted when the aluminum extension ladder he was using came into contact with overhead live wires.  He was employed by Alma Delia Gonzalez.  

July 7 - Machesney Park, IL - 47 year old Erwin Guzman, of Round Lake Heights, was killed on the job when he was pinned between a rolling delivery truck and a semi trailer at the Lowe's store.  He was employed by Jose Gaitan dba Gaitan Deliveries. 

July 9 - Grand Prairie, TX - 65 year old Hipolito Suarez died while working when he lost his balance while carrying a leaf blower up a ladder, and fell with the ladder.  He was working for Saddle Creek Corp.

July 10 - Orlando, FL - 63 year old Gregory Bloomstorm died of drowning when he was trapped under a riding mower he was operating that flipped into a canal.  He was employed by Pioneers International, Inc. dba Pioneers, Inc.

July 10 - Algoma, WI - 67 year old Joseph "Joe" Zuniga, of the Town of Dewey, was died when he fell several feet from an extension ladder and hit his head on the ground.  He was employed by State Farm Insurance as an appraiser.  

July 10 - Forest Hills, NY - 63 year old Frank Avino was struck and killed by a motorist while setting up cones along Grand Central Parkway.  He was employed by Welsbach Electric Corp.

July 10 - Mansfield, PA - 57 year old Robert Hannigan of Hunlock Creek, was electrocuted when a aerial lift truck made contact with a power line. He was employed by Lecce Electric, Inc.

July 10 - Pedricktown, NJ - 25 year old Isael R. Salguero was killed on the job while working for Leonard Chavarria dba Leonard Chavarria.  He fell from the second story of a roof edge.

July 10 - Arvada, CO - 37 year old Luis Duran was killed on the job while working for Tecta America Co.  He was pulling a cutter backwards on a flat roof when he fell about 12 feet to a lower surface. 

July 10 - Wichita, KS - Jesus Esparza died while working for Case & Associates when he fell from a moving vehicle, striking his head on the pavement.

July 11 - Mentone, TX - 19 year old Ryan W. White, of Carlsbad, NM,, was killed on the job when he was struck in the head and caught between the digger bucket and outrigger. He was working for Joyce Fished, LP dba Fisher Construction. 

July 11 - Cambridge, MA - 51 year old Mark D. Buckminster of Malden, died on the job when he fell from a ladder while working for Far East Construction, Inc.

July 11 - Blanco, TX - 24 year old Martin Surez of San Marcos was killed when he was knocked from the tailgate of a moving truck while working for C&B White Services. The truck was also carrying signs and as one blew out, it knocked the worker from the truck.

July 11 - Overland, MO - 22 year old Roman Vasquez was killed when he tripped and fell through an intact skylight while moving a roller on the roof of a building.  He was employed by L & C Exteriors. 

July 12 - Breckenridge, TX - 62 year old Danny Howk was killed on the job while servicing a pump jack at an oil well site.  He was caught be the pump jack counter weight.  He was employed by Breck Operating Corp.  

July 12 - Triplett, MO - 50 year old Jimmie Bruce was killed on the job while working for Hampton Alternative Energy Products.  He was crushed under a heavy steel pipe top rail that fell off the stanchions, pinning him to the ground.

July  12 - Stamford, CT - 40 year old Juan Carlos Elisea Orozco was electrocuted while working for Welding Services, Inc.  He was pulling a steel beam over a suspended electrical metal conduit when his hand touched pre-existing exposed live wires.

July 13 - Pearl, MS - 34 year old Michael E. Evans, Jr., of West, was killed on the job when he lost his balance and fell through a skylight 20 feet above the floor.  He was employed with Dean Construction.

July 13 - Washington DC - 49 year old Clifton Besey died on the job when the ladder he was using slipped, causing him to fall about 40 feet.  He was working for Thompson Paint. 

July 13 - Brownsville, TX - 57 year old Jose A. Badillo was killed on the job while working for RM Walsdorf, Inc. at Port of Brownsville. Report states he was working on a hydraulic lift platform that suddenly fell, striking his head.

July 13 - Elm Mott, TX - 56 year old Javier Herrera died of unknown causes when he collapsed while shoveling asphalt.  He was employed with Williams Brothers Construction. 

July 13 - Williamsburg, PA - 46 year old Ray McCabe was killed on the job when he was crushed under a tree he had just felled.  He was employed by Baker Logging.

July 13 - Parsons, WV - 28 year old Joseph Kyle Helmick, of Keyser, WV, was killed on the job when he was struck by a tree limb.  He was employed by Nichols Construction LLC.  

July 16 - Reserve, LA - 28 year old Billy J. Keller, Jr. of LaPlace, was killed on the job while working for Associated Terminals, LLC.  He was working alongside a barge when a tension rope broke, striking Keller, knocking him into the water. 

July 16 - Gruver, TX - 28 year old Oscar Cruz was killed on the job while working for Sunray Co-Op Gin.  Report states he dropped a crank handle from the truck into a pit and when he went into it to retrieve the handle he was engulfed in 450 bushels of wheat.  He was not attached to a life line.

July 16 - Florence, AL - 57 year old Robert Salter was electrocuted while working on an air conditioning unit.  He was sitting on metal duct work when he came into contact with a gas line that had been energized.  He was employed by J.C. Hamm & Sons, Inc. 

July 16 - Beaver Dams, NY - 74 year old Charles L. McFall Sr. of Corning, died on the job while working for McFall's 414 Service.  He was crushed between a 4-yard rear loaded dumpster and a garbage truck.  

July 16 - Newark, NJ - 45 year old Raymond DeSontro died of injuries sustained in a fall while working for Chimento Construction Company.  He was working from an aerial lift, not wearing a safety harness.

July 17 - North Bay Village, FL - 51 year old Kenneth Hayden died on the job when he fell from a tree while using a manual pole trimmer.  He was employed by Jim's Trim & Landscape Inc.

July 17 - New Castle, PA - 29 year old Allan Greenwood of Belle Vernon, was killed on the job when he was crushed by a telephone pole that he was working with.  It appears a motorist hit the pole, causing it to hit Greenwood.  He was employed with Bruce and Merrilees Electric Company.

July 17 - Harrisonville, MO - 39 year old Steve Hillman died when he stepped off a ladder and into an unprotected hole, falling through.  He was self employed for Steve Hillman Construction.

July 17 - Saint Augustine, FL - 55 year old Mark Sowards of Elkton, was killed on the job when the tractor he was operating was struck by a motorist.  He was ejected when the tractor flipped on its side. He was employed with Bone Dry Enterprises, Inc. 

July 19 - Amarillo, TX - Huy Pham died of crushing injuries when granite slabs fell onto him after the restraints were removed.  He was employed with Panhandle Quartz Fabricators, LLC.

July 19 - Mullin, TX - 52 year old Jesus Govea of Corsicana, died after falling from a communications tower.  He was attempting to loosen a nut on a brace but his body weight caused the brace to pull away from the tower.  His lanyard then slipped off the brace causing his fall.  He was employed by Chapman Construction Co.

July 20 - Channelview, TX - 54 year old Silvino Hernandez died on the job when he received an electric shock while working under a mobile home.  He was employed by Affordable Mobile Home Movers. 

July 20 - Garden City, TX - 58 year old Archie Lee Collins died while working for Sendero Drilling when he was struck by a pipe while working with a crew to lay down drill pipe.

July 24 - Paragould, AR - 30 year old Andrew "Andy" Wayne Myers was killed on the job while working for Dixieland Gin Repair, LLC.  He was working with a lathe when he was caught by the cylinder teeth and pulled into the machine. 

July 25 - Saint Joseph, MO - 28 year old Jayson W. "Yogi" Gilbert died of electrocution when he came into contact with an overhead power line with an extended pole chain saw.  He was employed with Trees Cut Cheaper. 

July 25 - San Antonio, TX - 62 year old Juan Robles died on the job while working for Elias Ovalle-Gonzales.  He fell approximately six feet from a mobile scaffold while preparing walls for paint.

July 26 - Waco, TX - 32 year old Pedro Garcia III died of electrocution when he inadvertently touched live wires while working under a residence on a gas line.  He was employed by Cornerstone Plumbing. 

July 26 - New York, NY - 41 year old Anastassios Intzeyiannis died after suffering injuries July 16 in an elevator shaft.  He was working on a wood plank when he tripped and fell 75 feet into an elevator shaft.

July 26 - Danville, IL - 51 year old Brett Hauk was killed on the job while working the Pepsico Quaker Plant.  He fell approximately 500 feel from a man lift.  He was employed by Quaker Manufacturing, LLC.

July 26 - Boca Raton, FL - Alberto Justo Osorio was killed on the job when he was ejected from a boom lift basket while performing painting work.  He was not attached to a harness.  He was working for Colors Construction, Inc.

July 26 - Mount Laurel, NJ - 49 year old Mark Teufel, believed to be from Warminster, PA, died while working when he received an electric shock.  He was owner of Mark Teufel Electric Construction. 

July 26 - Saint Cloud, FL - 31 year old Chris Snetzko was killed on the job while working for Beyers Portable Welding, Inc.  He was working on a trailer and, wet from perspiration, suffered an electric shock as he touched a live wire.

July 27 - Rock Falls, IL - 23 year old Cody Bragg of Sterling died on the job when he was crushed under steel plates that fell while being moved.  He was employed by The IFH Group, Inc. 

July 28 - Cotulla, TX - Alfredo Zepeda was killed on the job when he was crushed between a mobile crane and a truck trailer.  He was employed by UV Logistics, LLC.

July 29 - Grover, PA - 21 year old Nathan McCandless of Butler, was electrocuted when an aluminum pole he was using touched a power line.  He was collecting wildlife date for Wildlife Specialists, LLC.


July 29 - Brookfield, WI - 21 year old Jaja Jumoke Davis died while working when he suffered a fatal asthma attack while working as a dish washer.  He was employed by Surg Restaurant Group, LLC dba 8-Twelve MVP Bar and Grill.  

July 30 - Petal, MS - 60 year old Reese Gore was killed on the job when he was crushed inside the cab of his truck when the loaded trailer overturned onto the cab.  He was employed with Warran Paving Inc.

July 30 - Chicago, IL - 59 year old Raul Tabares was killed in an industrial incident while working for Soudan Metals Company, Inc.  He was struck by and caught between a roll of steel.

July 30 - Three Rivers, TX - 58 year old Wayne Moehring died of unknown causes after being found on the ground next to a trailer he had been loading sand into.  He was working on a drilling site for 3 Way Trucking, Inc. 

July 30 - Lubbock, TX - 58 year old Larry Castro died of an unknown cause while performing maintenance at an apartment complex he was working at.  He was employed with Case & Associates Properties, Inc.

July 31 - Bernville, PA - 49 year old Martin D. Reusing of West Reading, was killed on the job when he was struck by a tree limb while trimming trees. He was employed by Manny's Tree Service. 

July 31 - Westcliffe, CO - 20 year old Jeffery Mosher of Clear Creek was killed when he was struck by a semi truck during a construction zone flagging operation. He was working for Mountain Barricade, Inc. and Tezak Heavy Equipment Co., Inc.

July 31 - Westcliffe, CO - 57 year old Robert White of Temple, TX was killed when he was ejected from his semi truck/trailer after being involved in an accident in Colorado. 

July 31 - Hialeah Gardens, FL - 41 year old Dalia Monteaguro was killed on the job when he was crushed under a load of materials falling from a forklift.  He was employed by Brian's Door, Inc.

July 31 - Dallas, TX - 44 year old Cruz Delgado Sanchez died on the job of heat stroke/heat stress while working for Ramirez General Construction Company.

July 31 - Sweetwater, TX - 46 year old Maxwell Holsey died of an unknown cause while working for Texas TST, Inc.  He was handling hot aluminum ingots on a stacking transfer table when he collapsed in front of one of the cooling units. 

July 31 - Toledo, OH - 63 year old Richard Wilhelm Jr., of Northwood, died of unknown causes after a same-level fall and hitting his head on a wooden table.  He was employed with Libbey Glass Inc.

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