Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mine Disaster Family Assistance Act of 2007

Sen. Patty Murray has made plans to introduce the Mine Disaster Family Assistance Act of 2007 It is modeled after the Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters which outlines how families of victims receive information and gain assistance.

Sen. Patty Murray said that, "miner families deserve better than hearing life or death information." Although I believe all families deserve this among other things it is a great first step. hopefully there is some way in the bill they are able to keep the employers out of the game.

I personally feel, as a family member with a loss, that the employer is not equipped to deal with the families emotional state of mind. Statements made by individuals can linger with the family for years to come not to mention the emotional roller coaster they are on at the time. One minute they may want details, the next they may need comfort, and at times they just may need to vent. This process is very important for healthy grieving and later healing.

I posted an old article in the newsletter I feel is helpful in understanding how to deal with families in the aftermath called Grief and Bereavement in Accidental Death by Dr. David J. Baxter.

I can't wait to see what the bill entails and as always we will contuinute to fight for the rights of families. We will introduce the Family Bill of Rights and the Resource Guide at the H & S Summit in DC. Hope to see you there!

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