Saturday, March 01, 2008

Workers Memorial Day 2008

USMWF has a page with a brief history and some poems from families located here. The events will be located on the index page of the USMWF as they come in.

There are a few other good sources for information and one of my favorites is:
Hazards carry the mega list of WMD evens from around the world, they have a section just for WMD here and plenty of fliers and images for you to chose from for WMD here. A few other great organizations Hazards are affiliated with are: TUC 28 April webpages, Families against corporate killers FACK, and CCA- Centre for Corporate Accountability.

AFL-CIO has released there WMD Materials which include: Fliers, Posters, Clip Art (English/Spanish), Proclamation, S&H Updates, Death on the job and annual study, Workers Memorials, and Poems &Tributes

TIG WIRED is a group that plays, Blues, Jazz and Rock and all there songs are located on myspace, facebook and they have a web page all geared toward the working man/woman.

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