Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm gonna have a little come-to-Jesus meeting with everyone

Yep it was said and said by Rep. Keith Hall! I always knew some of your representatives like to play God but there you go out of the mouths of thieves.

The Lexington herald-Leader published an article that sent me through the roof. Mine safety cuts pushed by coal-owning lawmaker "Hall is the sponsor of House Bill 119, which would reduce from two to one the number of mine emergency technicians, or METs, required at coal mines if the mines employ fewer than 18 people." John Cheves goes on to state that a few others are involved with this bill, "Several House Democrats are employed in the coal industry, either directly or indirectly, including Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg; Majority Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook; and Natural Resources and Environment Chairman Jim Gooch, D-Providence." and by the way Hall has his hands in several mines with guess what 18 or less employees.

Figures show that it takes about $25 to train MET's and lives can be saved but seems these Reps think less than 18 workers are disposable. Lets not forget this is how Bud died, he bleed to death because they had only one Met who was incompetent.

Then there is the almighty statement of Hall, "I'm gonna have a little come-to-Jesus meeting with everyone and see where we stand,"

What the hell does he think he can tell the families they haven't already heard from his two sided mouth. Unfortunately they have family a little closer to Jesus now thanks to the lack of oversight now. How dare he tell Stella her husband doesn't matter...why don't you go try to explain that one to her baby?

Is it harsh, hell no. What is harsh is explaining to children that their father will never come home again, never go to there games, miss their graduations and marriages. What is harsh is explaining when they are ready just how their father died and that not only did our government not protect him but is allowing it to happen to another families.

What is harsh is hearing Stella explain how Bud died and how she thought he was just hurt. How Stella was not there to see her husband off in his final moments and knowing he was in pain. He could still be with Stella now this is harsh.

What probably hurts more now than anything is to know that people are not outraged at this practice that our government sometimes has. These offices may have a lame excuse and money signs in their eyes but what about the communities what about you! Kentucky get off your butt and write all your representatives. Let them know you will not allow these senseless acts any longer and remind them that they were voted in and can be voted out.

A small note to save lives. Can't get much easier than that.

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