Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Store Clerk Gunned Down in Robbery

May 26, PHILADELPHIA, PA - Mustafa Shaker was shot and killed by two gunmen who attempted to rob the Trak Foods store where he was working. According to surveillance video, when Shaker wouldn't open the register, one of the men who had a rifle shot Shaker in the head. Police are searching for the gunmen.

Recycling Center Worker Dies in Incident

May 26, MYRTLE BEACH, SC - 53 year old Stephen Breidinger of Conway died Thursday after a dumpster fell on top of him. According to police, as the dumpster was being unloaded, it fell on top of Breidinger, who was pinned. Breidinger was an employee of Waccamaw Metal Recycling.

Port Worker Dies in Fall

May 26, PORT MANATEE, FL - 53 year old Delvin Ray Roberts died while working at Port Manatee Thursday. Roberts, who was employed by Labor Ready, lost his footing and fell about 25 feet down a shaft between the load and the wall of the ship, according to a news release. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration was also investigating the death, according to the sheriff's office.

Officer Escorting Funeral Procession Dies in Collision

May 26, TORRENCE, CA - Officer Andrew Gaston of Hawthorne was killed while escorting a funeral procession for another officer who died of cancer. During the procession he collided with another motorcycle officer and was thrown into oncoming traffic in Torrance, authorities said. Gaston was transported to a local hospital where he died of his injuries.

Man Dies in Backhoe Incident

May 26, HARRISON TOWNSHIP, NJ - 81 year old John Welsh died after becoming pinned in a backhoe he was working with. According to West Licking Joint Fire District Battalion Chief Tom Bingham, Welsh was pinned between the boom and the stabilizer of the machine. An investigation continues.

Drunk Driver Causes Death of Toll Road Worker

May 25, HOUSTON, TX - 48 year old Sheila Lindsey, a longtime Sam Houston Toll Road employee, was killed when a drunk driver lost control of her vehicle. The driver's speeding car hit a barrier near a toll booth, sending the vehicle airborne before it struck Lindsey standing nearby. The drunk driver was arrested on an intoxication manslaughter charge.

Worker Killed at Cement Plant Had Just Returned After Layoff

May 25, WAMPUM, PA - 60 year old Donald Schlemmer of Ellwood City died Wednesday of head injuries due to a fall at the Cemex Wampum cement plant. Schlemmer had been inside the plant's railroad unloading building and stepped out onto the train car to assist with the unloading when he fell around 20 feet from the rail car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Man Electrocuted After Touching Charged Truck

May 25, WOOSTER, OH - 52 year old Thomas Otto of Lisbon was killed Wednesday when he was electrocuted on a job site. According to a sheriff's representative they crew were repairing some poles in the area. Otto was leaning against the bucket truck while standing on the ground and the boom up above made contact with the electric lines and knocked him unconscious. Otto was working as a foreman/supervisor for Thompson Electric.

Bridge Worker Dies After Being Struck in Head

May 24, KNOXVILLE, TN - 50 year old Solin Estrada Jimenez of Chattanooga was killed while working on a barge under the Henley Bridge Tuesday. According to police, Jimenez was on a barge under the bridge when a rock was knocked loose from a support beam and it hit Jimenez in the head as it fell. Work on the project has been suspended until a review of safety procedures and an investigation are complete.

Construction Worker Dies in Fall

May 24, BETTENDORF, IA - 37 year old William Mangrum of Mayfield, KY died from injuries after falling 26 feet from a roof. Police say he was stretching rubber sheeting across the roof of the Muslim Community Center of the Quad Cities when he fell. Mangrum was employed by Klapp Roofing out of Mayfield, KY.

Experienced Diver Drowns of Unknown Reasons

May 24, HONOLULU, HI - Jeff Barbieto participated in hundreds of rescues and helped save plenty of lives in his career. He was an expert in ocean safety which is why it's so hard for his loved ones to believe he's gone. On Tuesday he was maintaining cages for his employer Hukilau Foods, about 120 feet deep with three other divers. The medical examiner says Barbieto drowned but he did not have an air embolism more commonly known as the bends. He was bit on the hand by an eel but its unknown if that played any factor.

Young Worker Dies of Crushing Injuries

May 24, THE WOODLANDS, TX - 23 year old Dustin White of Shepard died Tuesday after an 18 wheeler backed into him, pinning him against a loading dock wall. White was helping unload a truck at the business he worked at and when the driver went back to the truck, it appears he attempted to repair a bumper pad. At that time the truck rolled back and pinned him against the wall. The driver of the truck did not know White was still behind him.

Storm Causes Death of Father of Two

May 24, NORFOLK, VA - 30 year old Walter Amos died in a storm related accident Tuesday. A civilian contractor at the Norfork Naval Shipyard was killed when a gust of wind pushed a crane into a temporary building on a pier, pinning him between two buildings. The storm occurred so suddenly that workers had virtually no time to prepare for it, the yard's acting commander said Wednesday. The brakes on the crane were locked but could not stand in the 80+ MPH winds.

Freight Train Crash Kills Two

May 24, UNION COUNTY, NC - 36 year old Greg Hadden of Greenwood, SC and 33 year old Phillip Crawford Jr. of Abbeville, SC were killed in a CSX freight train crash that crumpled train cars. The incident happened when one train traveling east through the Union County town of Mineral Springs struck another from behind. The crash sparked a fire that last most of the day.

Worker Dies at Steel Plant

May 23, MEMPHIS, TN - 43 year old Jerry Buford was killed at an incident at Nucor Steel mill Tuesday. Police report that Buford was operating mobile equipment and somehow became pinned between a forklift and pallet of steel in an inventory yard of the plant. OSHA is investigating.

Firefighter Dies During Training Exercise

May 23, CAMBRIDGE, MN - 35 year old Chip Imker, a volunteer firefighter of 18 months, died after falling during a training exercise. Imker was participating in rope rescue techniques and fell about six to eight feet onto a concrete surface around. According to a city representative, Imker was putting his foot in a looped rope that got twisted, and the rope spread under his weight, came loose, and he fell.

Man Electrocuted While Trimming Trees

May 23, MADISON, MI - 46 year old Michael Augustino of Blissfield, owner of a tree trimming business with over 20 years of experience, was electrocuted while trimming trees. Blissfield was in the top of a tree on Park Street when a small limb of the tree touched a power line, police said. Power company worker had to shut off the electricity in the area in order to bring Augustino down from the tree.

Tractor Trailer Driver Dies in Fiery Wreck

May 23, DUBOIS, PA - 55 year old David Wert Sr. of Montrose was killed when his semi struck a disabled semi ahead of him. The disabled truck had lost all power and was stopped partially on the roadway without any lights on. Wert failed to see the truck until it was too late and slammed into it. The fuel tank erupted in fire and rescuers were not able to get to Wert in time. He died at the scene.

Another Worker Electrocuted Trimming Trees

May 23, NASHVILLE, TN - 45 year old Russell Culver of Old Hickory was electrocuted while trimming trees in Bellevue on Monday evening. According to authorities, Culver was tied to a tree on Newsome Station Road when a metal clip from his gear came into contact with the power line. He was transported to a local hospital where he died.

Field Worker Dies of Crushing Injuries

May 23, ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, MI - 61 year old Gregorio Rojas died when a 400-gallon water tank fall on him on Friday. Rojas was working in a blueberry field on Jonson Street in Ottawa County when the wooden platform collapsed above him. There is no word on what caused the water tank to fall or how much water fell on Rojas.

Tire Service Employee Dies in Parking Lot Crash

May 23, LEBANON, PA - 68 year old Harold C. Smith was killed Monday morning when the pickup he was driving crashed into a parked trailer in a fenced lot behind the Henise Tire Service. Smith lost control of a company truck for unknown reasons in the rear lot and died on impact, said North Cornwall Township police Lt. Michael Conz.

Worker Dies During Surgery After Construction Incident

May 23, OAKLAND, PA - 60 year old Saverio Prati of Shaler died after a skid steer ran over his leg at a construction site Monday. He was taken to a local hospital where he died during emergency surgery on his injuries. OSHA is investigating.

Two Workers Dies of Toxic Fumes Exposure

May 22, PLAQUEMINE, LA - Tommy Rivet of White Castle and Tory Sanchez of Napoleonville died after being overcome by toxic fumes at the Shintech facility Sunday. Few details of the incident are available but Rivet, a Shintech employee, and Sanchez, a contract worker with Performance Contractors Inc., died in a vessel in a process unit that was not operational, according to the company.

Escorting Officer Killed on Duty

May 21, TUSCALOOSA, AL - Officer Trevor Scott Phillips was killed when a car turned into his motorcycle while escorting a funeral procession. Phillips was working the procession when a driver of a vehicle apparently decided they didn't to be part of the procession and attempted to make a U-turn, right into Officer Phillips' motorcycle.

Passenger in Tractor Trailer Dies in Crash

May 21, ST. LOUIS, MO - 44 year old Anthony Butler of Memphis, TN died when the semi he was riding in went off the road and crashed. The rig ran into two other tractor trailers that were parked at a rest area. The driver of the semi and the other drivers were treated and released. Butler was not wearing a seat belt.

Food Plant Worker Dies of Injuries

May 21, TOPEKA, KS - 64 year old Tom Wunder, injured at the Del Monte Foods plant Friday, died Saturday of his injuries at a local hospital. No details of exact cause of death is given. He was a Del Monte warehouse coordinator and had worked at the company for 33 years.

Utility Worker Electrocuted

May 21, CANAL FULTON, OH - 53 year old Ray Houle, a utility worker for Ohio Edison, died Saturday morning after he was electrocuted while working on an underground power line. Houle was working in a hole on Tell Drive when he was electrocuted, said Harry Campbell, chief investigator with the Stark County Coroner’s Office.

State Trooper Dies in Crash

May 21, LAUREL, MD - Trooper First Class Shaft S. Hunter was killed in an accident when his cruiser slammed into the back of a tractor trailer that was stopped along the roadway. It appears Hunter may have been in pursuit of a speeding motorcyclist but that has not yet been confirmed.

Second Worker Injured in Flash Fire Dies

May 21, LEBANON, TN - 32 year old Vernon Wayne Corley has died of injuries he sustained January 31, 2010 in a flash fire. Corley and another worker, Wiley Sherburne, who were maintenance mechanics for Hoeganaes Corp., were fixing a broken bucket elevator when flammable metal dust that had collected at the site ignited, engulfing the workers in flames, according to findings recently released by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board. Sherburne died two days after the incident.

Landscaper Killed in Robbery

May 20, CHICAGO, IL - 21 year old Heriberto Barajas was killed in an apparent robbery in a neighborhood he was working in. He was working to level soil in a homeowner's yard when he was attacked by four men. A neighbor heard gunshots, looked out the window and say Barajas collapse by a tree in her yard. She called police who are investigating.

Employee Injured Weeks Ago Has Died

May 20, MONTGOMERY, AL - 82 year old Ralph Hines has died of injuries he received in a fall. Hines, an employee for the Dillard's department store at the Eastdale Mall was injured weeks ago after falling from a ladder. He fell 8 to 10 feet while changing light bulbs in the store. An investigation is under way by Federal OSHA.

Industrial Incident at Lowe's Proves Fatal

May 20, ENTERPRISE, AL - 42 year old Stephen Dennis Brown of Ozark was killed in an incident at Lowe's Friday. When police arrived at the store they found Brown had been pinned between a delivery truck and a stationary trailer. Brown was flown by medical helicopter to Southeast Alabama Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. His death is being investigated.

Police Officer Dies After Becoming Ill While Working

May 20, CHICAGO, IL - 46 year old Paul Nauden, a narcotics officer died this morning, a day after he was taken to a hospital complaining of chest pains while on duty, officials said. The officer was on patrol when he began feeling ill. Nauden was a 21 year veteran of the Chicago Police Narcotics Division.

Injured Walmart Employee Dies

May 20, WILSON, NC - 71 year old Rochelle Pender, a Walmart Greeter, was injured May 18 when someone ran knocked her down while she was working. According to police, a young man was attempting to steal from the store and when a loss prevention employee ran after the man, someone collided with Pender. She was transported to the hospital and died two days later of her injuries. The thief has been arrested and an investigation continues.

Two Businessmen Die in Plane Crash

May 18, ROCK SPRINGS, WY - 55 year old Gilmer Mickey and 55 year old Bob Albert, both of Farmington, NM were killed when the plane, piloted by Mickey, crashed en route to Colorado. Mickey was president of Essco Pipe and Supply in Farmington and Albert worked for Mickey as a water quality consultant. The flight was a planned business trip. Mickey also co-owns Pinedale Natural Gas, the community's gas utility, Vernetta Mickey said.

Worker Killed in Forklift Incident

May 19, LAFAYETTE, IN - 28 year old Kyle Rhodes, an employee of Fairfield Manufacturing Plant, was killed in an incident involving a forklift Thursday. Rhodes was working on a rear unloading dock when he was pinned between a forklift and a trailer. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pizza Restaurant Owner Shot Dead in Front of Family

May 19, RALEIGH, NC - 36 year old Jay Waheed Ammeri was shot and killed inside his NY Pizza and Pasta restaurant Thursday night. According to police, the suspect who has been arrested, walked into the restaurant and asked who the owner was then proceeded to shot Ammeri in front of his family and father as well as employees and patrons. The gunman was arrested a short time later at his home.

Stage Hand Dies of Fall Injuries

May 19, KANSAS CITY, MO - 61 year old Lon Muncrief, who was injured in a fall has died of his injuries. Muncrief fell nearly 50 feet on May 13 while putting up equipment on the Rockfest Stage at Liberty Memorial. Muncrief was a member of Local 31, a union for stage hands, and suffered significant injuries from the fall. Organizers on the scene said there appeared to be no equipment collapse, but there was an ongoing investigation.

School Security Guard Dies After Scuffle With Student

May 19, RENO, NV - 63 year old Daniel Hundson died Thursday after a scuffle with a drunk student. Hundson was employed by Sierra Nevada Job Corp. It is believed Hundson may have suffered a heart attack after the fight. The student has been arrested and charged with Hundson's death.

Convenience Store Owner Shot to Death

May 19, ROCKY MOUNT, NC - 47 year old Abdul Karim Alwarrak, owner of Karim Food Mart, was shot and killed early Thursday in what police and neighbors say was an apparent robbery. A customer entered the store about 1:00AM and found Alwarrak suffering a gunshot wound and unresponsive on the floor. Police were called and an investigation continues.

Farmer Found Dead

May 19, FERGUS FALLS, MN - 61 year old Robert Piekarski was found dead on his farm tractor Thursday. Piekarski was out seeding a field at the time of his death, according to law enforcement. No foul play is suspected.

Two Truck Drivers Die in Single Vehicle Accident

May 15, GAFFNEY, SC - 54 year old Steven T. Woods Sr. of Athens, GA and 54 year old Gregory Lockhart of Buford, GA died when their tractor trailer crashed into a bridge support in Cherokee County. Coroner Dennis Fowler says Woods, who was driving, apparently fell asleep and was thrown from the truck. Lockhart, the other driver, died in the sleeper section of the cab.

Winery Owner Killed in Plane Crash

May 15, MINDEN, NV - 78 year old Robert H. "Budge" Brown, a resident of Gardnerville, NV, was killed in a plane crash while in route to another of his wineries in Tracy. An experienced pilot, Brown took off from the Minden-Tahoe Airport but the plane disappeared from radar over heavily wooded, mountainous terrain covered with several feet of snow. Brown founded Tulip Hill Winery in Nice in 2003, owns a 20-acre Pope Valley vineyard and also owns a 330-acre vineyard in Tracy.

Grove Worker Found Dead Among Trees

May 18, HAINES CITY, FL - 45 year old Tommy Mullins, a contracted employee working at Rubush Groves was found dead Wednesday. He was picking oranges using a ladder when another worker found him lying on the ground. Mullins had no visual injuries that would immediately suggest how he died, deputies said.

Employee Found Dead Inside Business

May 18, ST. LOUIS, MO - 71 year old Dave Post was found dead behind a locked door after he didn't come home from work Wednesday. Police were summoned by a co-worker, who was also a relative, when his car was found outside of the auto restoration business. When the co-worker kicked open a door they found locked, Post's body was near an elevator used to move vehicles. He was reportedly shot in the head.

Worker Crushed Under Piece of Equipment

May 18, ST. JOSEPH, MO - 40 year old Robert V. Montgomery died Wednesday in an industrial incident at Herzog rail car repair facility. Buchanan County Undersheriff Lt. Col. Bill Puett said Montgomery was “working on a piece of a railcar and there was an accident where a piece fell and killed him.” OSHA is investigating.

Firefighter Dies of Heart Attack

May 18, BALDWIN, NY - 43 year old Michael Esposito, a 21 year veteran of the Baldwin Fire Dept, died of an apparent heart attack at the scene of a house fire on Grand Avenue Wednesday. He was transported to a local hospital where he died.

Cab Driver Dies on Gunshot Wound

May 18, EVANSTON, IL - 50 year old Leodis Blackburn, who was found shot in the head Sunday and in critical condition since, has died of those injuries Wednesday. Evanston police responded to a cab that struck a parked vehicle in the 500 block of Elmwood Avenue. Officers determined the cab driver was shot in the head, police said. Circumstances surrounding the shooting are not known at this time.

Two City Workers Dead in Trench Collapse

May 17, LAS VEGAS, NM - 49 year old Frank Romero and 32 year old Gene Hern died when they were buried in a trench collapse Tuesday. The men were installing sewer and water lines in the 8 to 10 foot deep trench. City spokesperson Dave Romero says other workers frantically tried to dig the men out but didn't make it to them in time. Crews were able to partially dig out their bodies but Hern and Romero were pronounced dead on scene by medical officials. Both men were employed by the city of Las Vegas (NM).

Five Die When Overloaded Skiff Sinks

May 17, ANCHORAGE, AK - Five men have died when their overloaded skiff went down in rough waters near Cook Inlet. A group of six men, working for Pacific Alaska Shellfish, spent the day digging for razor clams. One man decided to walk back to camp and when the boat wasn't there when he arrived, a search started for the skiff. The body of one worker was discovered and then the others were recovered after a search. Following are the men who lost their lives:
42 year old Roberto Ramirez, unknown town and state
34 year old Jose A. Sandoval of Bakersfield, CA
36 year old Avelino Garcia of Oregon
24 year old Jose Revera of Los Angeles, CA
31 year old Ramon Valdiva of Oregon

Tree Trimmer Dies in Fall

May 16, LANCASTER, PA - 40 year old Alan Price of York died from injuries he suffered in a fall from a cherry-picker in central Pennsylvania. Police say Price was working in the truck's bucket, about 50 feet up, when a pivot on the bucket broke and he fell to the ground.

Delivery Driver Struck and Killed by Truck

May 14, ANGEL'S CAMP, CA - 73 year old Sergei M. Kitchuck of Burson was killed when his box truck containing 10,000 pounds of ice cream rolled into him at the Calavaras County Fairgrounds. The CHP said witnesses reported that Kitchuck had parked the box truck on a slight incline at the fairgrounds and that he had just exited the truck and was entering a pickup when the box truck began rolling. Kitchuck tried to run back around the front of the box truck but stumbled and fell.

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