Friday, August 31, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our hearts go out to family and friends.  If we can be of any help to you, please contact us.

Man Dies in Drilling Rig Incident

August 6, Dickinson, ND - 52 year old Terry Metcalf died after a fall at an oil rig.  Metcalf was a derrick hand with Big Sky Well Service, Belfield, and was working in an elevated rig basket. It is unclear how or why, but Metcalf fell from the rig basket.

Worker Dies of Crushing Injuries

August 7, Belleville, MO - 43 year old James Gentilellor, Jr. died when he became pinned between an unmanned, automated vehicle that is used to haul and lift loaded pallets and a metal racking unit at Kraft Foods in Belleville. Officials say he oversaw the operation of unmanned vehicles in the warehouse.

Man Killed in Forklift Incident

August 7, Atlanta, GA - An unidentified 35 year old man was killed when the forklift he was operating overturned.  As it was tilting the man, who was not wearing a seat belt, fell off and the machine landed on top of him. The man was a temporary worker at Owens Corning.   

Worker Electrocuted After Touching Energized Truck

August 8, York, ME - 42 year old Christopher Dixon was electrocuted when he touched a dump truck that had come into contact with live electrical wires. Dixon was standing at the back of an Atlantic Paving truck when the dump truck's bed lifted, it hit Central Maine Power electrical wires, energizing the truck. The paving truck driver noticed Dixon on the ground and called for help.

Man Struck by Forklift

August 9, Las Vegas, NV - 54 year old Gustavo Sanchez died of blunt force trauma after he was struck by a forklift while working Rocky Mountain Recycling. No other details are available.  

Worker Electrocuted

August 9, Dothan, AL - 44 year old Roy Lawson Ford was fatally electrocuted while working on an air conditioning unit at a private home. After being found unconscious under the home, he was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Teen Worker Dies in Fishing Incident

August 11, Bayou La Batre, AL - 15 year old Steven Branch died while working on the shrimp boat, Nettie-Q, when he was pulled into a winch.  Branch was wearing baggy shorts and they became tangled in the winch pulling him in.  It is unclear if he was operating the winch or standing near it. 

Oil Field Worker Dies of Injuries

August 12, Enfield, IL - 36 year old Shane Ferris has died of burn injuries he suffered on July 24, 2012.  Farris and three other men were burned when an oil field tank that was being welded exploded. Authorities say the blast was caused by either someone grinding on the tank in preparation for welding, or the welding itself. The other workers are recovering.

Firefighter Dies Battling Forest Fire

August 12, Orofino, ID - 20 year old Anne Veseth of Moscow was killed when she was struck by a falling tree while fighting a forest fire near Orofino. She was a second year US Forest Service wild land fire fighter.   

Port Worker Dies in Trench Incident

August 14, Orange, TX - 65 year old James Keith Hudnall, an employee at the Total Port Arthur refinery was killed in a construction accident. Details are not clear but he became trapped in a trench at the construction site and died later at an area hospital.

Awning Collapse Kills Worker

August 14, Russellville, AR - 64 year old Bural Darter was killed when an awning collapsed onto him while working at Baker Refrigeration. Workers were reportedly attempting to remove a section of awning from the building when it collapsed suddenly and struck Darter.  It is not clear if he was an employee for Baker Refrigeration or a sub-contractor.

Road Worker Struck by Semi

August 15, Lowell, IN - 34 year old Chad Fleager died after being hit by a semi truck while working along the Indiana Toll Road. was outside his vehicle measuring part of the road when he was hit by the semitrailer. The driver of the semi took his eyes off the road looking for a truck parking lot when he veered off the road and in Fleager.  Fleager worked for Roadsafe Traffic Systems, of Crown Point.

Another Road Worker Struck by Vehicle

August 15, Pensacola, FL - 56 year old Frank Donson was struck and killed while working in the center lane of Eglin Parkway. It was completely coned off on both sides, but a truck coming from behind him drifted into the lane where he was working. Donson was working for APAC Mid-south.

Business Owner Electrocuted

August 15, Mussey, MI - 50 year old Henry DeBlouw, owner of Mike Pirrone Produce, died after being electrocuted at his business. DeBlouw  was adjusting the temperature controls for a refrigerated building when he touched a high-voltage element within the temperature control panel and was electrocuted.

Explosion at Oil and Gas Facility Kills One

August 15, Fort Lupton, CO - 60 year old Brian Wallis of Wyoming died and three others injured from an explosion at an Encana Corp. oil and natural gas facility north of Fort Lupton.  A Sheriff's spokesman said the explosion appeared to be related to excessive pressure at the well head where the men were working.

Ladder Collapses Causing Worker's Death

August 15, Frankfort, PA - 57 year old William "Bruce" Sweeney suffered fatal head injuries after falling from a ladder while working for the city's Office of Fleet Management.   Authorities say Sweeney was standing on a ladder, working, when for some reason it collapsed from under him sending him falling to the ground. He underwent two unsuccessful brain surgeries before he died.


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