Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our pain and grief are relived by knowing what the families of these victims are going through.  Our hearts are heavy with yours.  We are here if you need anything.

Power Company Lineman Falls

September 20, Spokane, WA - 34 year old Matthew Karstetter  died after falling from a transmission tower near the Montana-Idaho border.  He was employed by Bonneville Power Administration.  According to his obituary, a few days before his death Karstetter was lowered to the wires by helicopter to rescue a crewman having a heart attack. 

Prison Worker Killed by Inmate

September 24, Ordway, CO - Sgt. Mary Ricard, a correctional officer at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility, was killed in an assault that occurred while breakfast was being prepared.  

Man Crushed Under Steel Beam

September 27, 2012 - Lackawana, NY - 46 year old Sabahudin Ramulic was killed and a co-worker injured while working for Linita Design and Manufacturing when a 3-ton steel beam fell on them.  It is unclear what caused the beam to fall. 

Fired Employee Murders Five

September 27 - Minneapolis, MN - An employee who had been fired from Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis responded by murdering three co-workers, a package delivery driver who was at the business as well as the owner of the sign business. The gunman then turned the gun on himself.  Below are the victims of this workplace shooting:
 61 year old Reuven Rahamim of St. Louis Park, was the owner of Accent Signage,

(No photo found) 62 year old Rami Cooks of Minnetonka,

34 year old Jacob Beneke of Maple Grove,

58 year old Ronald Edberg of Brooklyn Center, and

50 year old Keith Basinski of Spring Lake Park, the United Parcel Service delivery driver who was making deliveries.

Energy Worker Killed in Blast

September 28, Pauls Valley, OK - 34 year old Billy Smith was killed in an explosion of a boiler unit while working for CVR Energy's Wynnewood Refinery. The cause of the blast, which seriously injured another worker, is unknown at this time. 

 Fuel Tank Explosion Kills Worker

October 1,  Lake City, FL - 30 year old Perry D. Pollard was killed when an explosion occurred in a tanker that contained a mixture of fuel. Pollard was measuring the fuel in the tanker truck when something ignited the vapors. He died at the scene.

Utility Worker Suffers Fatal Head Injury

October 2, Orleans, IN - 33 year old Brent "James" Minton of Paoli was killed when a utility pole struck him in the head. Minton, a journeyman lineman for Orange County REMC Electric Co-Op, was doing a routine task loading a pole with the assistance of two other employees when it fell lose from the cradle and struck him in the head and he was killed instantly.

Highway Worker Hit by Vehicle, Killed

October 2, Boone, NC - 55 year old David Cook of Salisbury, a North Carolina Dept. of Transportation employee, was struck and killed when he was trying to move a tree from a road. Cook died of head injuries at the scene.  

 Road Maintenance Worker Struck by Car

October 2, LaPorte, IN - 52 year old Daniel J. Miller, a Toll Road employee, was killed when he was struck by a speeding, out of control car driver.  Miller and another worker were in a work truck with warning signage alerting drivers to workers ahead. Miller, a passenger in the work pickup, had just exited the truck to get trimming equipment out of the back when the red passenger car hit Miller and the rest of the pickup. 

Arizona Border Patrol Agent Murdered

October 2, Naco, AZ - 30 year old Nicholas Ivie was shot to death and a second agent was wounded as they patrolled on foot an area near the international border near Naco.  The area is known to be a corridor for smuggling. Several suspects have been arrested by Mexican troops.

Highway Worker Killed by Dump Truck

October 2, Dorsey, IL - 62 year old Dennis G. Goebel was killed when he was struck by a Fort Russell Township Highway Department dump truck.  Goebel was part of the township highway department crew performing culvert repair when the truck backed over him. Co-workers found him beneath the truck.

Man Dies After Being Run Over

October 2, Geneva, NE - 58 year old James Gable of Grand Island was killed when he was run over by a combine, a large piece of harvesting equipment. Gable worked for Allied Genetics in Grand Island and was measuring a test plot on the Elaine Kimbrough farm when the combine backed over him.  

Taxi Driver Gunned Down

October 3, Peekskill, NY - 53 year old Terry Camper was shot to death in what police are saying was an intentionally killing. Police would not discuss a possible motive behind Camper’s death, but said a suspect had been identified and is believed to have fled the area.  Camper's wife states that her husband worked privately in the area, driving local children to school and taking veterans to their medical appointments.

California Field Worker Crushed by Equipment

October 3, Lemoore, CA - 48 year old Victor Calderon Perez of Riverdale was killed when a trailer called a "cotton buggy" rolled over him.  He had been working in a cotton field when the incident happened.  

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