Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

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February 2, 2013 - Malibu, CA - 45 year old Ronald Carver of Newbury was struck and killed by a drunk motorist as he was he hooking up a disabled car to his tow truck.  The driver who struck Carver was arrested on felony hit and run plus drunk driving.

Feb 4 - Stoddard, NH - 39 year old Shannon Sarcione died on the job when he was fatally struck by a falling tree while working with others to cut trees.  His employer is unclear.

Feb 12 - Chowchilla, CA - 69 year old Natividad Castro died of a possible heart attack while installing wiring in a grape vineyard in Chowchilla.  He was employed by Westside Ag, Inc.

Feb 15 - Flemington, WV - Brian Hopkins was killed on the job when a natural gas well pad he was working on exploded at EQT Corp.  He was employed by Central Environmental Service of Washington, WV.  

Feb 16 - Fort Wayne, IN - 55 year old Frederick Biancardi  died of a probably heart attack while working to clean restrooms for All American Foods.  He was found unresponsive by a co-worker.

Feb 21 - Coamo, Puerto Rico - 50 year old Hernan Reyes Cordero died when he fell 14 feet down a portable set of stairs to the concrete floor below.  He was self employed.  

Feb 23 - Lincolnton, NC - 35 year old Marendonio Francisco Viruel Lopez was killed on the job when he was caught in an angular saw while working for RSI Home Products, Inc.

March 4, 2013 - Greenville, NC - 58 year old David Harris was found unresponsive and died of natural causes while he was cleaning a carding machine at Mohawk Industries, Inc. 

March 7 - Phoenix, AZ - 67 year old Ronald Koons died on the job when he fell approximately 15 feet from a fixed ladder.  He was carrying empty buckets when he lost his balance and his grip on the ladder.  He was employed by Roof USA Service Center.

March 8 - Jericho, NY - 60 year old George A. Turner, Jr. suffered a fatal heart attack while responding to a vehicle crash.  He was employed with Jericho Fire Department Headquarters.

March 8 - Indianapolis, IN - 49 year old Jerry Gipson died on the job of natural causes.  He was found at his desk, not breathing, by a co-worker.  He was working for Compucom. 

March 14  -  Pacific Palisades, CA - 50 year old Gilbert Vargas died on the job, and a co-worker injured, when he was was buried in a trench collapse.  Both men were employed by Los Angeles Engineering, Inc.

March 16 - Murfreesboro, TN - John Boyd of Rockvale was killed on the job when the rock truck he was driving overturned off a 60 foot embankment.  He was employed by Hoover Rock Quarry of Murfreesboro.

March 18 - Logonier, IN - 55 year old Mark A. Werbiansky died on the job when he was electrocuted whole working alone on a scissor lift 8 foot off the floor.  He was installing a light fixture when he touched a metal part.  He was employed by Parker Integrated Sealing Systems.  

March 18 - Stanley, ND - 31 year old Joshua Hoiland of Minot was killed on the job while working at an oil field drilling site for First Choice Energy Services. He was cleaning a truck when he was struck by a piece of equipment.

March 21 - Indianapolis, IN - 65 year old Richard Lane died on unknown circumstances while employed by Harriman Investment Corporation.  

March 22 - North Charleston, SC - 38 year old David Priester died on the job when he was fell, striking his head, from a mobile platform while working for Boeing Services.

March 22 - Newport News, VA - 76 year old Jerry Prescott died while on the job when he fell approximately 8 feet from a roof.  It is unclear if he suffered a heart attack or fell, but he was not wearing fall protection.  He was employed by CEC, Inc.  

March 23 - Hopkinton, CT - 41 year old Charles Austin, a Verizon lineman, was electrocuted while working from a bucket for National Grid.

March 25 - Kingsville, MD - 57 year old Philip Wayne Higgins died on the job when he was struck by the truck he was using for snow removal in a parking lot of a county owned building.  He was employed Baltimore Country Property Management Division.  

March 31 - Russellville, AR - 24 year old Wade Walters was killed and eight others injured when a 500 piece of equipment fell on top of him when a temporary lift device failed.  He was employed by Precision Surveillance Corp. working at Entergy Arkansas, operator of the Nuclear One plant.

April 1, 2013 -  Mesa, AZ - 51 year old John C. Stephens was included on an official worker death list as being found dead on the premises of Crackalackin, LLC.  His manner of death, however, is not listed and an online search was unsuccessful.

April 3 - Mankato, MN - 83 year old Reuben Reimers suffered a fatal head injury as he was carrying a projector down a staircase while facilitating a funeral at a church in Mankato.  He was employed by Samuelson Funeral Services, Inc. 

April 8 - Indianapolis, IN - 45 year old Thomas Welch died on the job when the garbage truck he was riding on dipped into a hole, bumping Welch off the truck.  He was employed by the Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

April 10 - Burns Harbor, IN - 62 year old Andrew Turnbull of Valparaiso suffered a fatal heart attack while he was working at Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor.

April 12 - Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT - 34 year old Craig Patterson of Park City was killed on the job when he was buried under an avalanche while on duty as a back country skier for the Utah DOT.  

April 16 - Towson, MD - 39 year old Noe Rodriquez Alverto of Middle River was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist while performing cleanup duties with a backpack style blower.  He was wearing all protective gear to be seen.  He was employed by Akehurst Landscaping, Inc. 

April 19 - Milton, WI - 27 year old Jerod Guell was killed on the job when he was buried under thousands of bushels of corn as he tried to clear clogged chutes at the bottom of a grain bin.  He was employed by United Ethanol's Milton plant.

April 22 - Columbia, TN - 48 year old David Haynes was killed on the job when the John Deere zero turn mower he was operating on an embankment overturned onto him.  He was found by a passerby.  He was an employee for Maury County Building Maintenance.  

April 23 - Long Beach, CA - 60 year old Vincent Martinez of Downey was found dead in a water canal intake at the Haynes Generating Station in Long Beach.  He was employed with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  His death is currently under investigation.  

April 24 - Las Vegas, NV - 60 year old William Paul Little died on the job when he was crushed under a large drainage pipe that was being installed on a road construction project.  It is unclear who Little worked for but other sources say he was a truck driver. 

April 25 - Talleyville, DE - 60 year old Luis Benjamin Sanchez  of Upper Darby, PA died while at work when he was struck by a steel cable that was shot out of a chipper machine as it went through it.  Another worker was also struck.  It is unclear who the men worked for.

April 26 - Salinas, CA - 30 year old Jose Juan Serrano was killed on the job when he was struck by a counter weight while covering a pallet of strawberries.  He was working at Grower's Street Cooling. 

April 26 - West Bottoms, MO - 68 year old William A. Prater Kansas City died on the job when he was crushed in a building collapse that was under demolition.  It is unclear who Prater worked for but two of his son's also worked there and were on site. 

April 26 - Clakamas, OR - 41 year old Hugo Avalos-Chanon  of Portland died on the job while working for DCS Sanitation Management.  Avalos-Chanon and several other workers were cleaning at Interstate Meat Distributors when he somehow fell into a running machine and became entangled in it.  

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