Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

As an organized community of like minded people who are dedicated to promoting safe and healthy work environments for all - we want to honor those workers we have lost to a workplace incident and help family members left behind however we can.  Please let us know if we can assist you.

August 15, 2013 - Boston, MA - 61 year old Yogambigai Pasupathipillai, an immigrant from Sri Lanka, died on the job after being strangled by her apron as it was caught in a conveyor belt. She was working for Piantedosi Bakery Company. 

September 3, 2013 - Woodinville, WA - 49 year old Stewart Lacy of Monroe died when his work vehicle rolled while trying to negotiate a curve.  He was employed by Westfire Coastal Inc.

September 19 - Death Valley, CA - 64 year old Chuck Caha of Pahrump, NV died after suffering from heat exhaustion while working for Death Valley National Park.  In a series of events surrounding his work, he collapsed after attempting walk in the triple digit heat to return to his truck.

October 7, 2013 - Moses Lake, WA - 37 year old Robert Valdez, a truck driver, was killed in a collision between his potato truck and another semi truck.  He was employed by Benito M. Ozuna.

October 9 - Olympia, WA - Benjamin Lopez Santana, from Puerto Rico, was found unresponsive and may have died of natural causes while working for Factory Sales & Engineering Inc.

October 9 - North Andover, MA - 51 year old Carlos A. Amarel of Peabody died on the job when an explosion occurred in a lab at Dow Chemical in North Andover.  A chemical came into contact with air which caused the explosion.

October 14 - Herndon, MD - 38 year old Pablo Aquino of Hyattsville, MD, was killed on the job when he fell from the roof of a building in Herndon.  He was employed by Orndorff & Spaid, Inc., a roofing company.

October 16 - Kirkwood, PA - An unidentified 35 year old man died of asphyxia due to drowning while farming in Colerain Township.  Further attempts to locate his name were unsuccessful.

October 17 - Wapokoneta, OH - 39 year old John Austin of Lima was killed on the job when his dump truck struck an overpass on Interstate 75.  Reports state the empty bed of his truck was up and was what struck the overpass. His employer is unknown. 

October 17 - Draper, UT - 52 year old Camacho Guillermo Borcequin was killed on the job from crushing injuries when he was pinned between a loader machine and a trailer.  He was employed by Smith & Sons Meat Packing Company. 

October 17 - East Amwell Twp, PA - 35 year old James Schulte of Hellertown died of electrocution while working as a sub-contractor for Comcast.  He was employed by FCS Inc.

October 17 - Arlington, WA - Daniel Hall was killed on the job when he was struck in the head by a tree snag that fell onto him while working on the Springboard fire containment. He was working for Washington Department of Natural Resources.

October 17 - Cedar Springs, GA - 39 year old Shannon Jones of Bainbridge, died of unknown injuries while working for Georgia Pacific Cedar Springs mill.

October 18 - Butte, MT - 46 year old Jay F. Bickford died on the job from injuries due to an elevated lift that tipped over.  He was in the bucket of the lift as it was being loaded onto a flatbed trailer when it tipped. He was employed by Big Sky Rental.

October 19 - Oakland, CA - 58 year old Christopher Sheppard of Hayward was a Bay Area Rapid Transit Senior Track Manager and 66 year old Larry Daniels of Fair Oaks & Oakland, and a railroad consulting engineer were both killed when struck by a four car train while inspecting tracks.

October 19 - Land O' Lakes, FL - 62 year old Marc Curto of Tampa died when he fell from a plane on which he was wing-walking. After falling from the wing, his parachute failed to deploy.  It is unclear who he was working for or with.

October 19 - Detroit, MI - 37 year old Officer Patrick Hill was accidentally shot in the head by a fellow officer during a confrontation with a suspect on April 2 and passed away from those injuries on October 19. 

October 20 - Robersonville, NC - 27 year old Felix Hernandez Sanchez of Greenville was fatally electrocuted while working under a home. This report states he was not working for a specific employer but was a construction worker.

October 20 - New Orleans, LA - An unidentified man, a crew member for Carnival Cruise Lines, was doing exterior maintenance on Carnival's Conquest ship when a cherry picker type machine he was on pinned him between it and a platform holding a lifeboat. Attempts to identify the worker were unsuccessful.

October 21 - Sparks, NV - 45 year old Michael Landsberry died after being shot by a middle school child who brought a weapon to school and injured other students. Landsberry, a math teacher at Sparks Middle School, attempted to stop the child from shooting more but was instead shot.  The students survived.

October 21 - Maplewood, MN - 34 year old Cory Lewellin of Olgilvie died when the crane he was operating tipped over, trapping him in the cab.  He was operating the crane for Truck Crane Service of Eagan. 

October 21 - Aiken, SC - 34 year old Jorge Rodriguez was killed on the job when he was struck in the head by a piece of falling iron while working with steel beams.  He was employed by AGY plant in Aiken.

October 21 - Bellville, OH - 55 year old Clifford Smith suffered fatal electrocution while working inside a utility room on a redevelopment project.  He was employed by Romanoff Electric.

October 21 - Oxon Hill, MD - 27 year old Jesse Alexis Chavis of Fort Washington attempted to stop an armed robbery at the Clarion Hotel where he was restaurant manger and was shot by the suspect. Chavis heard a desk clerk scream as the suspect confronted her and tried to help when he was shot.

October 21 - Norfolk, NE - 53 year old Matthew Winkelbauer died of toxic exposure and suffocation when he was buried under a large pile of silage in an open silage pit owned by Fore-Quarters Feedlot. It is unclear how the incident took place.

October 21 - North Wilksboro, NC - 32 year old Luiz Alberto Corado died on the job of a head injury when he was struck by a falling brick.  He was with a crew from Martin Roofing working to replace a roof when a brick from an adjacent building fell as he was standing on the ground.

October 22 - San Antonio, TX - 54 year old Hector Castro, Jr. was suffered injuries due to a fall from a pole on October 1st and seemed to be recovering.  Unfortunately he died from his injuries on October 22.  He was employed by city owned CPS Energy as a lineman.

October 23 - Mount Pleasant, NC - 56 year old Jack Gordon Eller died on the job after being struck in the head by a dead tree that fell. He owned the unnamed logging company doing this particular work. 

October 23 - Cleveland, TX - 55 year old Oscar Alfaro was killed while working along railroad tracks for Bayou City Railroad. He was using a tractor to move debris and had exited the tractor to throw some debris into the tractor. Some of the debris hit the controls of the tractor causing the bucket boom to swing around, pinning his head between it and the tractor.

October 24 - Rolla, MO - 51 year old Rodney Allen "Rocky" Stumo died on the job while working for St. Louis Bridge Construction Co.  He was on a train trestle pier crossing the river on a johnboat when he did not see or hear a barge approaching.  The barge collided with the johnboat and was drowned.

October 24 - Lee's Summit, MO - 49 year old Brian D. Allen of Windsor died on the job when he was buried in a trench collapse. He was working for Strate Plumbing of Holden, digging the trench to connect a sewer line for home construction.

October 24 - Sanford, FL - 36 year old Christopher Putfark of Deltona was killed on the job when he was partially crushed under a gravel filled rail car that derailed while being moved in a rail yard. He was a spotter employed by Conrad Yelvington Distributors, Inc.

October 24 - Oklahoma City, OK - An unidentified worker at Arch Granite & Cabinetry was killed when a forklift tipped over, trapping the worker under the extended lift.

October 25 - Atlanta, GA - 53 year old Keith Fenton of Douglasville died of injuries sustained in a fall from a billboard. He owned the company making repairs to the sign and was carrying a piece of metal and tripped before he could tie off his fall protection.

October 25 - Cape Ann, ME - David Oaks, a commercial fisherman from South Thomaston, drowned after the boat he was on with another man began taking on water and they had to abandon the vessel.

October 25 - Ocala, FL - 50 year old Charles Howard died after falling through a metal roof while making roof repairs on a business.  He was a subcontractor for Central State Enterprises.

October 25 - Benton, LA - 46 year old Ronald Eugene Davis of Arcadia died of injuries he received in a 50' fall from a tree he was trimming.  He inadvertently cut the tree below where he was tied and when the top of the tree fell, he also fell with it.  He was employed by Asplundh.

October 28 - Belton, SC - 35 year old Robert Morgan of Six Mile died after being struck by a felled tree that bounced up, striking Morgan.  He was a long time logger employed by Southern Choppers Logging of Easley.  

October 28 - Belton, SC - 45 year old Sandriss Gilbert, Jr. of Starr died after being struck by a felled tree that first struck a smaller tree, bouncing back to strike Gilbert with the base. He was working with another logger for his uncle's company, Gilbert Tree & Landscape.

October 29 - Peabody, KS - 82 year old Eldon Andres was working on a farm tractor when it lurched forward, knocking him to the ground and rolling on top of him. 

October 29 - Wendover, NV - 53 year old Pita Asiata of Bountiful, UT was killed on the job when he was impaled by a drilling device after the tour bus he was driving ran into the back of a utility truck.  The utility truck was slowing along the highway to enter a median turnaround when the incident happened. Asiata was employed by Le Bus Transportation Co. and was heading from Wendover back to Salt Lake City.

October 29 - Pontiac, IL - 29 year old Officer Casey J. Kohlmeier, along with his K-9 partner Draco, were killed when their marked squad car was struck by another motorist as they were sitting in a median turnaround area.  They were employees for the Pontiac Police Department.

October 29 - Letohatchee, AL - 54 year old Charles Ming, an Alabama DOT employee, died on the job when he was struck by a motorist as he worked along a highway intersection. 

October 29 - Ashville, NC - 37 year old Robert Bingaman, an officer for the Ashville Police Department, died when his cruiser plunged off a highway bridge to the roadway below. It is unclear why his vehicle left the highway.

October 30 - Decatur, AL - 41 year old Michael Dewayne Atkins was crushed under a freight elevator that fell, trapping him underneath. He was using a sump pump to remove water under the elevator when the incident happened.  He was a plant operations employee for Decatur Morgan Hospital.

October 30 - Fox Point, WI - 38 year old Sean Held, a contractor from Slinger, was killed on the job when a garage he was working on collapsed onto him.  Wind braces were removed from the structure but before new ones could be installed to right the walls, the collapse happened. It is unclear who he was working for besides the homeowner.  

October 31 - Haddonfield, NJ - Cameron Lyon of Barrington, died from injuries due to falling approximately 40 feet from a tree he was trimming. He was working for Lyon & Son Tree Service.

October 31 - Rockmart, GA - 56 year old Elaine Davidson died of injuries related to an explosion at Meggitt Polymers & Composites. She was a quality assurance inspector for the company. Contents of a pressurized autoclave exploded inside a room, causing her injuries.

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