Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

As we memorialize our workers who have lost their lives on the job, our hearts are with the families.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

November 1, 2013 - Chicago, IL - 56 year old Alfred Valladares died after the dump truck he was driving was clipped by a car and he was thrown from the truck.  It is not clear who he worked for.

November 1 - Milpitas, CA - 34 year old Frankie Jimenez of Dixon was killed while picking up work zone cones when a motorist struck him, pinning him against his work truck and severing his legs.  He was employed by Caltrans. 

November 1 - Dallas, TX - An unidentified elevator maintenance worker from Mesquite died on the job after he fell about 20 feet into an open elevator shaft while working in a downtown parking garage. Attempts to local his name and employer have been unsuccessful. 

November 1 - Gainesville, TX - 44 year old Steven Flemming, Gainesville Police Chief, died after he fell from a ladder in the evidence building on October 25. 

November 1 - Los Angeles, CA - 39 year old Gerardo Hernandez was shot to death on the job while working as a TSA officer at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles. A man went into the airport with the intention of a killing rampage and Hernandez was shot.

November 1 - Bountiful, UT - 66 year old Richard Gillies was killed on the job when he was pinned against a building and the cherry picker crane bucket he was working from to replace a sign. He was working with his son but it is not clear who they were employed by.

November 2 - Atlanta, GA - 54 year old Darryl Simmons was killed on the job when the garbage truck he was a passenger in went out of control and crashed at a highway exit.  The driver was seriously injured.  They were employees of City of Atlanta Public Works Department.

November 2 - Ottawa, IL - 71 year old Roger W. Freeman of Oglesby died on the job when he was struck by a grain box truck. He was in a farm field near Grand Ridge when the incident occurred. 

November 2 - Henrico, VA - 24 year old Christian Martoni of Pittston, PA died from injuries he received while was working a salvage job in Henrico the day before.  He and another worker (see Romanczuk below) were using power tools to cut pipes in an old print shop when fumes ignited, causing an explosion & flash fire. He was employed with Hadley Construction of Pittston.

November 3 - Princeton, ME - 44 year old Grant Cilley died on the job after the cab of a tractor trailer truck he was working under fell off the jack, crushing him.  He was working in a yard owned by his family.

November 3 - Cheboygan, MI - 74 year old Bruce Spray was working on his farm when the tractor/mower he was operating flipped over an embankment and landing on him.  He also owned Spray Properties and was a long time employee for UPS. 

November 3 - Toms River, NJ - 39 year old Brennan Hughes, a tree service worker, was working on a ladder when he came into contact with an electrical wire and was electrocuted.  He then fell from the ladder he was standing on.  It is unclear who he was employed with.

November 3 - Everett, WA - 60 year old Joey Katter experienced shortness of breath as he was pushing a shopping cart in the parking lot of the KMart store he was manager of.  It was determined he died of natural causes.

November 4 - Merrillville, IN - 27 year old Andrew Fugate of Hobart was killed on the job when he was shot to death during an apparent robbery at his family business. He was found inside a Piatek Meats cooler.

November 4 - Oregon City, OR - 41 year old Robert Libke, an Oregon City Reserve police officer, was shot to death by a man who first started his home of fire and then opened fire, killing Libke.  Police determined that the man intentionally set the home on fire to lure police into an ambush.

November 4 - Minot, ND - 24 year old Lee Edward Helmers of Bismark died of head trauma after he was struck by a utility pole that fell, striking the ground, and bounced back hitting Helmers. He was employed by an unnamed Garrison utility contracting company.

November 4 - Vancouver, WA - 45 year old John Ballantyne was discovered unconscious in a men's restroom where he was working.  It appears he died of natural causes.  He was working for PeaceHealth Southwest Medical in Vancouver.

November 5 - Northeast NV - 53 year old Vicki Stenovich of Spring Creek, NV and 47 year old Arthur Lucero died and another worker injured when a motorist failed to slow down in a section of marked road construction, striking the workers.  All were employees with A-Core Construction.

November 5 - Reno, NV - An unidentified forklift company employee was killed on the job when he was crushed under a forklift that fell from the side of a flatbed truck at an Amazon.com warehouse.  Efforts to identify the worker has been unsuccessful. 

November 5 - McLeansboro, IL - 61 year old Alexis B. Anderson died on the job when his clothing became tangled and he was pulled into an oilfield pumping unit and crushed.  He was a self employed oilfield pumper, servicing an oil well.

November 5 - Everett, WA - Kapano-Pano Lopeti died on the job when he fell 40 feet from a tree he was harvesting.  He was employed by Dale Hofman who operates a logging business.  

November 6 - Henrico, VA - 37 year old Jason Romanczuk of Pittston, PA died of his injuries he received while working a salvage job in an old print shop in Henrico on November 1.  He and another worker (see Martoni above) were using power tools to cut pipes when print ink fumes ignited, causing an explosion & flash fire. He was employed with Hadley Construction of Pittston.

November 6 - Hutchinson, KS - 34 year old Jeff Enslinger was killed after being struck in the head by a malfunctioning steel gas cylinder while working at Hutchinson Airgas.  

November 6 - Mount Sterling, KY - 73 year old Carl Williams of Mt. Vernon, KY died after he fell from the roof of a local airport and another worker fell onto him. That worker was not seriously hurt.  The men were working at the Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Airport but is unclear who they were employed by.

November 6 - Watertown, WI - 62 year old Randall Ninmann died on the job from an apparent fall from a ladder while working maintenance for Watertown High School.

November 6 - San Juan, TX - 64 year old Guadalupe "Lupe" Mendoza was fatally crushed under a 2,000 pound, 5 foot tall tombstone at Hillcrest Cemetery where he worked.  He was a supervisor at the cemetery and was trying the level the giant stone when it fell.

November 7 - Miami, FL - An unidentified worker died and five more were hurt in an explosion of a chemical storage tank that went airborne through the roof of American Vinyl Company of Opa-Locka.  Efforts to find the name of the deceased worker have been unsuccessful.

November 7 - Perryville, MD - 64 year old Capt. David R. Barr died after being struck two weeks ago by a motorist as he was directing traffic at an accident scene.  He was employed by Perryville Fire.

November 7 - Las Vegas, NV - 31 year old Arturo Mendez died a day after falling about 35 feet from a tree.  Mendez was a tree trimmer working for the MGM Mirage Hotel.  

November 7 - Washington DC - Julie Phillips was a long time employee for Marine Barracks Cafeteria.  She died after being struck by a large truck as she crossed the street near the cafeteria. 

November 9 - Sherwood, OR - 35 year old Renee Radziwon-Chapman was an eight year employee for Wildcat Haven Sanctuary as head (animal) keeper.  She was attacked and killed by a cougar as she was apparently cleaning out a cage alone.  Wildcat Haven owners said their people always worked in pairs for such a situation and don't know why she was alone.

November 10 - Maywood, IL - 44 year old Eric Terrell died after being crushed under falling boxes. He was inside a the back of a truck unloading boxed shelving units when he fell to the ground and then boxes fell onto him.  He was working at the Woodfield Mall but it is not clear who he worked for.

November 11 - Indianapolis, IN - 30 year old James Dozier was killed after he was pinned between a forklift and a guardrail. As he operated the machine he got off to move something by hand when the machine moved suddenly, pinning him.  He was employed by Recycle Force, a recycling plant. 

November 11 - West Columbia, SC - 35 year old Nelson E. Gutierrez of Miami, FL was killed when he was struck by a motorist in a lane closed to travel while working in a construction zone in SC.  His employer is not identified.

November 11 - Preston, WA - Rex Nichols died of heart related natural causes while he was working for Industrial Machinery, Inc.

November 12 - Atlanta, GA - 41 year old Jorge L. Pena died on the job when a city bus ran a red light, crashing into Pena's FedEx delivery truck and causing it to run into the side of a building. 

November 12 - La Mesa, CA - 41 year old Josh Allen Pudsey of Lakeside was killed when a tree branch fell onto him as he worked as a tree trimmer.  He and a co-worker were in an elevated bucket of a cherry picker trimming trees when one of the branches fell, striking Pudsey in the head.  It is unclear who he was employed by.

November 12 - Gibralter, MI - 30 year old Chelsea Ann Small was shot to death by a male suspect who attempted to rob the Advance America Cash Advance store she was working in. 

November 12 - Bradner, OH - 26 year old Paul Castle of Paintsville, KY was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist who, attempting to evade the barricades, drove into a work area at a railroad crossing near Bradner.  He was a CSX Railroad employee.

November 13 - Laredo, TX - 46 year old Randy A. Thomas of Mississippi was killed on the job when the roller/compactor machine he was operating tipped over, crushing him.  It is unclear who he working for but he was working at property owned by United Independent School District. 

November 13 - Virginia Beach, VA - 49 year old Antonio Reid of Chesapeake died on the job after being struck by a piece of construction equipment.  He was working on a construction site operated by A & W Contractors but unclear who he was employed with.

November 13 - , East Chicago, IN - 39 year old Michael Samuelson of Valparaiso was killed on the job and co-workers injured as they worked at the Arcelor Mittal No. 3 steel making plant in Indiana Harbor West.  He died as the result of debris falling from a height onto the workers.

November 13 - Camp Pendleton, CA - Four Marines died from a mine explosion as they were performing a routine sweep of a range at Camp Pendleton to make the range safer for future training exercises. Those who lost their lives were 27 year old Miguel Ortiz of Vista, CA and was a Marine Sgt.; 28 year old Matthew R. Marsh of Long Beach, CA and was a Staff Sgt.; 31 year old J. Mullins of Bayou L'Ourse, LA and was a Gunnery Sgt.; and 32 year old Eric W. Summers of Poplar Bluff, MO and was a Staff Sgt. 

November 13 - Williston, ND - 35 year old William John Spint of Rapid City died when he was buried in a trench collapse while working near Williston.  Co-workers were able to get him out of the trench, but he died before help could arrive.  It is unclear who he was working for.

November 13 - Bellevue, WA - Margery Lee of Seattle died of heart related natural causes while working at New Dimensions Frame & Gallery LLC.  She collapsed on the job and also struck her head.

November 14 - Echo, UT - 67 year old Kenneth R. Groberg of Clinton, UT died as the result of the crash of his semi truck when it overturned on an off ramp curve.  The truck cab was crushed as the trailer portion flipped onto it.  His employer is not listed.

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