Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our hearts go out to the family members left behind after the tragedy of losing a loved one at work.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

January 29, 2014 - Detroit, MI - 23 year old Nurzhigit Kaparbekov died on the job when he became pinned between two tractor trailer rigs while working for Logistics Insights, Inc.

January 31 - Little Rock, AR - Jake Harrell, a pilot for the Arkansas Forestry Commission, was searching the area for any fires when his plane crashed.  The plane was not found until February 11th.

January 31 - Shelby, NC - An unidentified worker was killed on the job when he or she was struck in the head by a pipe that exploded. He was employed by United Mechanical Corp. working at KSM Castings installing heat and air conditioning units with the incident happened.

February 1, 2014 - Clarkburg, WV - 32 year old Kyle Kirkpatrick of Hulbert, OK and 27 year old Terry Lee Richard, Jr. of Bokoshe, OK were killed on the job when a tower they were repairing and removing old structure supports collapsed, causing them to fall approximately 70 feet. Other workers were injured when a second tower, weakened by the collapse of the first, also collapsed. They were employed by S and S Communications out of OK, having been subcontracted by SBA Communications.  

February 1 - Clarkburg, WV - 28 year old Michael Dale Garrett died on the job when he was caught in the collapse of a tower while attempting to help communications workers who fell when another tower collapsed.  The collapse of the first tower compromised the second and it came down on Garrett and others.  He was a member of the Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department.

February 1 - Cedar City, UT - 56 year old Mark Rowley died on the job when he became trapped in a conveyor belt while working for CML Metals at the Comstock/Mountain Lion Iron Ore mine in Iron County.  

February 2 - Twin Cities, MN - An 81 year old unidentified farmer was killed when he became pinned under his tractor. How the incident happened is not clear.

February 3 - Clarkfield, MN - 77 year old Richard Rosetter died after he was buried in grain while he and others were working to empty the grain bin. 

February 4 - Brownsville, NE - 66 year old Ronald Nurney of Smithfield, VA was found unresponsive on the floor of a reactor building at Nebraska Public Power District's Cooper Nuclear Station.  He was an employee of Bartlett Nuclear, Inc. working in NE.  It is unclear how he died.

February 4 - Otay Mesa, CA - 68 year old Salvador Gonzales-Rincon of Tijuana, MX was killed on the job when he was struck and run over by a forklift while working at Central Auto Parts in Otay Mesa.

February 4 - Natick, MA - 48 year old Michael McDaniel, Jr. was killed and another worker injured when a backhoe moved forward, striking the workers.  They were fixing a water main break and worked for Natick Department of Public Works.

February 5 - Barrington, IL - 51 year old Diane Shogren died after being struck by a snow plow in the parking lot of Good Sherhard Hospital where she was a nurse.

February 5 - Holualoa, HI - 38 year old Donny Loando died on the job when he was thrown from a piece of construction equipment. He was operating a single-drum roller to build a private driveway when the vehicle rolled backward down a steep slope and crashed into the carport of a neighboring residence. It is unclear who he was employed with.

February 6 - Boring, OR - 41 year old Grady Waxenfelter of Estacada was shot to death by a man who Waxenfelter had pulled over just to tell him he was missing a license plate on a trailer. He was a weightmaster for Clackamas County.

February 6 - Carrollton, VA - 56 year old Ronald Allen Swarts of Virginia Beach was killed on the job when he lost control of a dump truck which struck an embankment and rolled.  He was employed by T.A. Sheets, Inc., a general contractor.

February 7 - San Francisco, CA - 46 year old Hector Vazquez of Oakland and 53 year old Philip Marich of South San Francisco both died after they were crushed under huge slabs of granite as they were attempting to unload them from inside a truck.  The men worked for Galaxy Granite, Inc. of Bernal Heights.

February 7 - Fairbanks, AK - 64 year old William T. Evans died after he fell from a road grader he was operating to clear snow at a highway maintenance camp.  He was an Alaska Department of Transportation employee.

February 7 - Lovington, NM - 28 year old Alegandro Garcia Perez was killed on the job when a hoist he was in touched overhead power lines and he suffered head injuries and was electrocuted. He was working in an oilfield for Patron Services.

February 7 - Houston, TX - A 32 year old unidentified worker died on the job when he buried inside a trench that collapsed onto him.  The trench was not properly shored. He was employed by Interfacing Company of Texas (ICTX). 

February 8 - St. Petersburg, FL - An unidentified worker was electrocuted while trimming trees.

February 9 - Middleton, DE - 46 year old Sonja Morris of Hartly was leaving her job at Amazon in Middleton when she suffered a heart attack standing next to her car.

February 10 - Idaho Falls, ID - 40 year old Jeffrey Jaggar was killed on the job when a large piece of electrical gear fell onto him.  He was employed by Wheeler Electric, Inc. working at Longfellow Elementary School.

February 10 - Napoleon, ND - 39 year old Charles Sperle died after he was buried under corn grain.  He was vacuuming corn from a bin when some of it became stuck. The grain suddenly broke loose and spilled through the door of the bin, burying him. 

February 11 - Dallas, TX - Firefighter William Tanksley died on the job after falling from an icy highway overpass while crews were responding to one of several major accidents around the area. He was employed by Dallas Fire Department.

February 11 - Blytheville, AR - 48 year old Thomas Dazey, a locomotive operator for Nucor Steel Arkansas, was killed when a train car he was riding in derailed and he was pinned between two rail cars. 

February 11 - Woonsocket, RI - 52 year old George Nasuti died on head trauma when he fell, striking his head.  He was the Woonsocket High School Athletic Director and was officiating a basketball game for the school when he fell.

February 11 - Heyburn, ID - 54 year old Antonio Ponce of Burley was killed on the job when he slipped and became caught in farm equipment used to mix cattle feed. He was employed by Anderson Farming, Inc.

February 12 - Highland, CA - 39 year old Nelly Kantun was shot to death inside the Domino's Pizza restaurant where she was manager.  Reports say it was a domestic dispute and her boyfriend was arrested.

February 12 - Harrison, NJ - 65 year old Raymond McDonough, beloved Mayor of Harrison died of a heart attack in his office after returning from lunch. 

February 13 - Ashburn, VA - 32 year old Lovo Guevara Geovany Arnoldo of Vienna was struck and killed by a dump truck as he stood near his truck. He was a contract worker for Virginia Department of Transportation in Ashburn.

February 13 - San Leandro, CA - 48 year old John Jacini of Castro Valley was killed at work when he was crushed under equipment that fell onto him. He was working under a front wheel loader when it slipped off its supports, falling on Jacini.  He was employed by Volvo Construction & Equipment Services.

February 14 - Scotts Bluff, NE - 24 year old Amanda Baker died on the job when she was strangled to death by a 15 year old inmate she was checking on.  She was employed by Scotts Bluff County Detention Center.

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