Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

With 2014 nearing an end, we understand how difficult these times can be for families. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected by a work related incident and want all to know that we are here to help in any way if you need us.  www.usmwf.org

November 12, 2014 - Pittsburg, PA - 34 year old Nicole Kotchey of Ross Township was discovered on the floor near her desk at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.  She died several hours later and it has been determined that she died of cyanide poisoning. A police investigation is underway to determine how she was exposed.

November 13 - Seattle, WA - Gaetano Arico was an employee for Sound Window & Gutter Cleaning when he fell to his death from a ladder. He was cleaning gutters on a two-story home and was discovered on the ground by the homeowner. He died at an area hospital.

November 17 - Merrill, WI - 55 year old Matthew C. Ament of Mosinee died on the job as he worked to install insulation on a piece of equipment at Expera Specialty Solutions of Merrill. He fell from an elevated bucket lift.  He was employed by Taylor Insulation of Mosinee.

November 18 - Bellville, OH -  32 year old Marvin Troyner of Holmesville was working inside a trench on a sewer project when he was trapped by a collapse. He was inside a steel safety box when a boulder came crashing down, hitting the box and trapping him inside. He was employed by Shrock Premier Custom Construction, Inc.

November 19 - Sumas, WA - Mohinder Singh of Nooksack had been off sick from work and collapsed after reporting to work the next day. It was determined he died of a non work related natural death. He was working for Teal Jones Lumber Services, Inc.

November 19 - Horizon City, TX - 40 year old Javier Arteaga Loya died on the job after he was pinned under a trailer that fell off the jack stand. He was a part time employee for S&S Truck Sales.

November 20 - Noblesville, IN - 21 year old Anthony J. Brock was killed on the job when he was crushed between a steel catwalk structure and the railing of an aerial lift. He was working for ID Castings produces iron castings commonly used in the automotive construction and heavy equipment industries. His first child was due in January 2015.

November 20 - New Orleans, LA - 24 year old Jerrel Hancock of Abbeville was killed on the job and a co-worker injured when an explosion occurred on an off shore oil platform.  They were cleaning a piece of equipment during routine maintenance at Fieldwood Energy's Echo oil-and-gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico. He was employed by the Louisiana based Turnkey Cleaning Services.

November 20 - Baytown, TX - 53 year old Walter Warner of Sandy Hook, MS was a subcontractor working for Group when he was involved in a fatal incident at Exxon Mobil's Olefins plant. Details of the cause are not given but there was an expansion project going on at the plant.

November 21 - Waverly, NE - 34 year old Joaquin Danilo Mina Munoz of Lincoln was attempting to clean a grain truck auger when he was killed on the job. He was working for Bevan's Enterprises, Inc., a turkey farm, when his clothing became caught in the auger and he was pulled in. 

November 24 - Forks, WA - 25 year old Nicolas Rodriguez was working at a logging site and standing near an airlift helicopter that was prevented from landing due to weather conditions. He was struck in the head by a swinging lob. He was employed by Engeseth Logging. 

November 28 - Staten Island, NY - 43 year old Delfino Jesus Valazquez Mendizabal was killed on the job when he was buried under the rubble of a roof collapse on a demolition site. He was working for Formica Construction, who did not have proper permits, to demo an old Ford Dealership when the concrete roof collapsed

November 28 - Peabody, MA - 26 year old Joshua Black of Wilmington was working at Waste Support Services when he was struck by a front end loader. Details are not clear but reports say he was lifting up a manhole cover when he was struck. He was an employee for Wayne's Drains.

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