Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

This post included workers who died on their jobs during the first half of May, 2014 who we were previously not aware of. All workers deserve to be remembered regardless of when they were taken from their families. Where possible, we have added a link to the online incident article.

May 1, 2014 - Makawao, HI - 29 year old Patricia Rabellizsa of Kihei was killed on the job when she fell from a zip line while working for Piiholo Ranch Zipline.

May 2 - Robesonia, PA - 30 year old Benjamin Joe Mast died on the job after being caught in or between an unknown object while working for Z-Weldco, Inc. and Reading Alloys, Inc.

May 2 - Hoover, AL - 59 year old Randy Keith Berry of Cullman was part of a construction crew on an AL DOT repaving project on Interstate 459 when he was struck by a motorist. He was employed by M and W Logistics.

May 2 - Keller, TX - 57 year old Roberto Lariz-Trinidad of Fort Worth was part of a landscaping crew working an apartment complex when he was struck by a truck that was backing up and apparently did not see him. He was employed by F&S Concrete.

May 2 - Rockaway Beach, NY - 65 year old Juan Rodriguez was working for Bryan's Auto East Ltd when he fell from an unknown elevation causing fractures.

May 3 - Buhl, ID - 51 year old Ayala Rigoberto was killed on the job when he was caught in or between an unknown object while working for Eagle View Farms LLC.

May 4 - Port Angeles, WA - 24 year old Samuel Silverstein was a commercial 'geoduck' harvester and was diving for the mollusks when his diving partner found him unconscious in about 50 feet of water. He was transported to hospital but died there. He was employed by Furthur Diving Co.

May 5 - Ursina, PA - 31 year old Jared Ritchey was working to install a concrete manhole form for the city's first ever sewer system when he was pinned beneath the form. He was working for Guyer Brothers, Inc. 

May 5 - Wrightstown, NJ - Marc Cooper was working for Bristol Protective Services when he died in unknown circumstances from inhaling a toxic substance. No further information can be found.

May 5 - Marmarth, ND - 48 year old Darwin Maxwell was working in Marmarth for Continental Resources, Inc and 4J Well Services, Inc. when he died of a heart attack. Circumstances are not known.

May 6 - Ardmore, OK - 31 year old Christopher Cryer died on the job after falling from the roof of an Ardmore plant he was working at. He suffered major head trauma in the fall. He was employed by Atlas Roofing Corporation.

May 6 - Elkhart Lake, WI - 55 year old Jay Brandt was working for Bremer Manufacturing Co. when he died of a sudden cardiac event.

May 7 - Cape Girardeau, MO - 67 year old Sandra K. Christy was working for Regions Bank when she died from a same level fall in unknown circumstances.

May 7 - McCool Junction, NE - 73 year old Marvin Roesti was injured on May 7 when he fell while loading a tanker truck at the Farmers Cooperative McCool Junction fertilizer plant. He was working from a height without fall protection. 

May 8 - Mobile, AL - 25 year old David Sells died on the job after being struck by an unknown object while working for Infirmary Health System, Inc.

May 10 - Houston, TX - 61 year old Gabriel Garcia was a longshoreman was helping to load a piece of equipment at a terminal facility when it became disconnected from the traverse that was holding it. The cargo dropped, landing on and severing Garcia's legs. He was an employee for Gulf Stream Marine.  

May 10 - Countyline, OK - 50 year old Robert Dulworth of Duncan was killed on the job when he was crushed under his work truck. He stopped to exit his truck but did not completely set the brake. As the truck began to roll, he tried to stop it but fell and was run over. He was employed by Citation Oil & Gas Corp.

May 11 - El Paso, TX - 39 year old James E. Green of Runaway Bay and 54 year old Jimmy Joe Broadstreet of Chaparral were Crane Service, Inc. contract workers for Texas DOT when they were both struck by a motorist on Interstate 10. Green died on the job and Broadstreet later at a nearby hospital. 

May 11 - Toughkenamon, PA - 64 year old Duane Allen Canipe of Landenberg died on the job after falling from an unknown height, suffering head trauma, in an unknown incident. He was employed by Roman Urethane Corp.

May 12 - McDonough, GA - 41 year old Adonis Javier Maldonado died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for Elite Storage Equipment Erectors, Inc.

May 13 - Mountain Brook, AL - 19 year old Trayshawn Presha of Sarasota, FL was working with a group of movers using a dolly to move a safe into a residence in Mountain Brook when he was crushed by it. The ramp they were using was not long enough so they added a second unsecured ramp extension which slipped, causing the safe to fall. Presha was unable to get out of its way. The workers were employed by Daniel Tatum, a professional van operator for Atlas Van Lines.

May 14 - Caddo, TX - 33 year old Jacob Jackson was killed on the job after he was caught in or between an unknown object. He was employed by Rob Joe Materials, LLC.

May 14 - Washington, DC - 34 year old Christopher Bartholomew died on the job from an electric shock in an unknown incident while employed with Arrow Electrical Solutions, LLC.

May 15 - Newfield, NY - 60 year old Grover Lehman was working for Jim Ray Homes, Inc. when he was killed on the job. He and co-workers were preparing a mobile home to be moved and had it on jacks. They did not, however, have temporary support blocking and when the unit shifted, Lehman was struck in the head. 

May 15 - North Venice, FL - 35 year old Carlos Ochoa died on the job after falling from an unknown height while working for All Steel Consultants, Inc.

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