Monday, December 17, 2007


Once again The CSB has cited a 60 year old storage license at CAI Inc./Arnel Co. and inadequate state laws was a major factor in Nov explosion that damaged more than 100 homes and businesses and displaced about 70 families from the neighborhood.

“The CAI/Arnel site was originally licensed under state law for just 250 gallons of ‘lacquer’ back in 1944, to a company that long since sold the property," ...."During the 62 years that followed, the amount permitted by the license was increased to some 11,500 gallons of flammable and combustible substances. State law does not require any safety review or public impact review when a licensee obtains increases in the registered quantity," lead investigator John Vorderbrueggen said.

Department of Fire Services has proposed legislation, to require the department to administer a statewide program of enhanced inspection, auditing, oversight and training related to potential chemical high hazard facilities." They also highlighted highlighted the implement of the a state pilot program, launched last spring, which includes inspections of 40 small businesses that handle dangerous chemicals and plans to explore changes to local permitting procedures and inspection programs.

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