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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are the lost workers we did not originally find in March, 2011. As always, if you are a loved one of know one of these workers, please let us know. We are here for you anytime!

MARCH 2011

Mar 1 - 23 year old Luis Antonio Chavez. Employer: DI Cattle Trading LLC dba DI Cattle LLC and DI Farms

Mar 1 - 44 year old Jeff Young. Employer: Creative Multicare, Inc. of Stockbridge, GA

Mar 2 - 59 year old Alberto Garcia. Employer: Alberto Roman Garcia of Santa Ana, CA

Mar 2 - 72 year old Reginald C. McAdam. Employer: Witmer Mulch of Willow Street, PA

Mar 2 - 28 year old Billy Schroeder. Employer: B.R. Schroeder & Sons, Inc.

Mar 2 - 22 year old Julian Medina. Employer: Parrick Michael Group Industrial Services LLC of Evensville, IN

Mar 2 - 48 year old Patrick Quaranto. Employer: Richmond Elevator Company, Inc. of Staten Island, NY

Mar 2 - 76 year old Immanuel Dent. Employer: G&I Mail Service, Inc. of Bradenton, FL

Mar 2 - 52 year old Brad Howells. Employer: Glaxo Smith Kline of Durham, NC

Mar 3 - 63 year old Marion Marchowicz. Employer: Granite State Concrete Co., Inc. of Milford, NH

Mar 3 - 34 year old Gregorio Garcia. Employer: Pacheos Masonry of Little Rock, AR

Mar 3 - 65 year old Robert H. Gulley. Employer: National Distribution Centers

Mar 3 - 51 year old Brian D. Shonk. Employer: Probuild LLC of Wichita, KS

Mar 4 - 45 year old Alberto Sanchez. Employer: After Hours Home Improvements LLC of Springfield, VA

Mar 4 - 46 year old Jean R. Outlas. Employer: Power Plant Landscaping Services, Inc. of Jupiter, FL

Mar 6 - 44 year old Gerald Metcalf. Employer: Reithoffer Shows, Inc. of Gibsonton, FL

Mar 7 - 39 year old Todd Harding. Employer: Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless of Maple Shade, NJ

Mar 7 - 50 year old Duke Beemer. Employer: General Supply & Services, Inc.

Mar 7 - 51 year old Stephen Peterson. Employer: Harrington Forestry, Inc. of Ashdown, AR

Mar 8 - 43 year old Charles Landers. Employer: Crane 1 Services of Franklin, OH

Mar 9 - 24 year old Jesus Robles. Employer: Reeco Well Services, Inc. of Hobbs, NM

Mar 10 - 23 year old Rochelle N. Perry. Employer: John Deere Pec of Waterloo, IA

Mar 11 - 38 year old Michael McCaffery. Employer: Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

Mar 11 - 35 year old Nathaniel Sullivan. Employer: Westfalia Technologies, Inc. of York, PA

Mar 12 - 57 year old Jesus Lemoli. Employer unknown.

Mar 13 - 37 year old David Storey. Employer: Nucor Steel Sales Corporation

Mar 14 - 55 year old James Ledford. Employer: Lucia Mar Usd, Nipomo High School of Arroyo Grande, CA

Mar 14 - 51 year old Robert Goodwin. Employer: Valley Transportation, Inc. in Ashland, OH

Mar 15 - 35 year old Omar Davalos. Employer: Shechtman Tree Care LLC in Wyndmoor, PA

Mar 16 - 53 year old John Albert Quinlan. Employer: Unit Drilling Company of Tulsa, OK

Mar 16 - 36 year old Roxana Zelaya. Employer: Cleveland Construction, Inc. in Mentor, OH

Mar 18 - 22 year old Richard Steineche. Employer: P&C Construction dba Brandon Pinkston Enterprise in Porter, TX

Mar 18 - 23 year old Michael Byrd. Employer: Richard McKenzie & Sons, Inc. of Frostproof, FL

Mar 19 - 42 year old Federico Hernandez. Employer: Phuong Chong Truong dba PT Catering Truck of San Jose, CA

Mar 19 - 40 year old Scottie W. Burnett. Employer: T.K. Stanley, Inc. of Waynesboro, MS

Mar 20 - 46 year old Porfirio Lopez. Employer: Butterville Farms, LLC

Mar 21 - 30 year old Humberto Ramirez. Employer: W S Steel Erection of San Antonio, TX

Mar 22 - 39 year old Michael Struck. Employer: Harrington Forestry, Inc.

Mar 23 - 60 year old Steven Sebastian. Employer: Crew Shuttle of Pocatello, ID

Mar 23 - 52 year old John Bernady. Employer: Fairfield Manufacturing, Inc.

Mar 23 - 48 year old Leslie Rice. Employer: Clarkson Construction in Kansas City, MO

Mar 24 - 61 year old Richard Moore. Employer: Universal Services of America in Santa Ana, CA

Mar 24 - 25 year old Jose Cruz. Employer: Carlos Avila of Carson, CA

Mar 24 - 30 year old Clara Soto. Employer: Tahoe Forest Hospital District in Truckee, CA

Mar 24 - 59 year old Able Barajas. Employer: Al Larson Boat Shop

Mar 24 - 63 year old Kazim R. Nimblett. Employer: Claude O. Jackson of Washington, DC

Mar 24 - 50 year old Raul G. Gonzales. Employer: Timberline Nursery Inc. of Hillister, TX

Mar 25 - 52 year old Hung Van Le. Employer: Vos Auto Repair Corporation

Mar 26 - 71 year old Pete Ginoff. Employer: Kenco LLC of Missoula, MT

Mar 28 - 56 year old Gail Barocsi. Employer: Child's Towne Preschool, Inc. in Stanton, CA

Mar 28 - 73 year old Violeta Valdivia. Employer: Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. of Union, NJ

Mar 28 - 46 year old Glen Christensen. Employer: Fluor Industrial Services, Inc. of Salt Lake City, UT

Mar 29 - 27 year old Gandy Ochoa. Employer: All American Window Cleaning, Inc. of Trabuco Canyon, CA

Mar 29 - 51 year old Willie Payne, Jr. Employer: C W Brown Logging, Inc. of St. Stephens Church, VA

Mar 29 - 38 year old Jose C. Espino Avila. Employer: Comfort World A/C & Heating, LLC

Mar 29 - 30 year old Jesse Lee Allen Hubb. Employer: Hylton Timber Harvesting

Mar 30 - 57 year old Kevin Whyms. Employer: Eller-Ito Stevedoring Company, LLC of Miami, FL

Mar 58 - 58 year old Joseph Williams. Employer: Agrifos Fertilizer L.P. of Pasadena, TX

Mar 31 - 44 year old Jim Ciechna, Jr. Employer: Panduit Corporation

Mar 31 - 65 year old Michael Molly. Employer: B&L Service, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, FL

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