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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Following are workers who lost their lives in May of 2011, which we were previously unaware of. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.
If you are a family member, please reach out to us. We are here for you!

MAY 2011

May 1 - 55 year old Arthur Hooper. Employer: LJM Construction of Hampton, VA

May 1 - 58 year old Frank Swierlik. Employer: Autocatalyst Recycling, Inc. of Dearborn, MI

May 1 - 46 year old Jesse Granado. Employer: Randall Foods, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA

May 2 - 28 year old Logan Kirby. Employer: South Fork Gardening and Lands of Southampton, NY

May 2 - 60 year old Roy Lopristi. Employer: Imanna Laboratory, Inc. in Rockledge, FL

May 2 - 57 year old Dennis Dale Frees. Employer: Housing Authority of Jefferson in Mount Vernon, IL

May 2 - 25 year old Nathan Vassalo-Perez. Employer: Capitol Roofing, Inc. of Cheyenne, WY

May 2 - 52 year old Troy Geilfuss. Employer: City of American Canyon, American Canyon, CA

May 3 - 54 year old Kay Stroud. Employer: ITT Corporation at Maxwell AFB, AL

May 4 - 28 year old Kesha McMullen. Employer: Department of Veterans Affairs in Coatsville, PA

May 4 - 47 year old Ossie L. Hyman. Employer: Eller-Ito Stevedoring Company of Miami, FL

May 4 - 45 year old Wilfredo Tour. Employer: G.T. Installation Services, Inc. of Key Biscayne, FL

May 4 - 38 year old Ricardo Segundo-Anay. Employer: Jeff Watts Plaster & Stucco in Long Boat Key, FL

May 4 - 40 year old Richard A. Gilford. Employer: Crockett County-Highway, Alamo, TN

May 4 - 46 year old Darin Victor Henrie. Employer: Henrie Trucking, LLC of Kaysville, UT

May 5 - 19 year old Carlos Diaz. Employer: Great American Insulation, Inc. in Taylor, TX

May 5 - 50 year old Drew Conahan. Employer: Donald Lee Roy Rhine dba Dandy, Corona, CA

May 5 - 22 year old Romero Navar. Employer: Commercial Sand Blast Company in Vernon, CA

May 6 - 39 year old David Jeremy Martine. Employer: Menzi USA Sales, Inc. of Fort Pierce, FL

May 6 - 39 year old Christopher Jacks. Employer: Callaway Contracting, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL

May 6 - 46 year old Thomas Park. Employer: Veolia Environmental Services of Alvin, TX

May 6 - 55 year old John Suttles. Employer: Marvel Eastern Productions LLC of Universal City, CA

May 7 - 75 year old Jose Santos Gonzalez. Employer: Plakos Scrap Processing, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

May 9 - 56 year old Josa Zatamudio. Employer: Ontelaunee Mushroom Farms, Inc. of Temple, PA

May 9 - 32 year old Johan Kriek. Employer: Uniqco Group of Tampa, FL

May 9 - 63 year old Edward "Rick" Boekenhauer. Employer: Village of Hanover Park, Hanover Park, IL

May 9 - 30 year old Pedro Vega Martinez. Employer: Jose Ricardo Guerrero of Rose Hill, KS

May 9 - 39 year old Robert Boyd. Employer: CCC Health Services, Richmond, of Richmond, CA

May 10 - 30 year old Jose Jesus Govea. Employer: D&B Rental Service of Yorktown, TX

May 11 - 39 year old Auqulia M. Hill. Employer: Roden Landscaping, Inc. of Festus, MO

May 12 - 46 year old Marcus Garden. Employer: dba/Jose Rivera of Hartford, CT

May 12 - 58 year old Roy Arrants. Employer: First American Resources Company of Mableton, GA

May 12 - 59 year old Steven Pletz. Employer: Veolia Environmental Services of Claypool, IN

May 12 - 56 year old George McMichael, Jr. Employer: William Grant Tank & Vessel of Henderson, TX

May 13 - 39 year old Sebastian Velasquez. Employer: Superior Painting and Construction of Houston, TX

May 13 - 57 year old Roberto Reyes. Employer: Gustav Koven of Santa Monica, CA

May 14 - 35 year old Francisco Eretza. Employer: Cool Busters Air Conditioning of Phoenix, AZ

May 16 - 69 year old Willie Johnson. Employer: Russell Brands, LLC of Alexander City, AL

May 16 - 51 year old Jose G. Cabral Caranz. Employer: James Hamilton Construction of Caballo, NM

May 16 - 49 year old Bruce L. Burkhart. Employer: Stutesmun Auto Salvage of Highlandville, MO

May 17 - 53 year old Gabino Rodriquez. Employer: Wallace Paving, Inc. in West Chicago, IL

May 17 - 28 year old David Gingery. Employer: Powerclean Industrial Services in Fort Wayne, IN

May 19 - 43 year old Jackie Harvey. Employer: City of Bridgeport-Public Works in Bridgeport, IL

May 20 - 63 year old Edward Shaffer. Employer: Waste Management of Telford in Telford, PA

May 20 - 28 year old Anthony Graham. Employer: Loutex Contractors, Inc. of Asherton, TX

May 20 - 48 year old Alejandro Cruz. Employer: H Construction Systems Inc. of Littlefield, TX

May 20 - 48 year old Pedro Balderas. Employer: P.B. Sod Farms of Chino, CA

May 21 - 40 year old Eduardo Carballo. Employer: Dynamic Auto Brokers, Inc. of Sussex, NJ

May 22 - 58 year old Mark Franchebois. Employer: SBE, Inc. in Lake Arthur, LA

May 23 - 74 year old John Adams. Employer: Cross Country Courier of Duluth, MN

May 24 - 57 year old Willie A. Thomas. Employer: Cobb & Cobb Seed Company of Davisboro, GA

May 24 - 66 year old Frank Haynie. Employer: Stephens Paper Company of Stephens, AR

May 24 - 27 year old Oscar Bejarano. Employer: RJM Investment, Inc. of Congress, AZ

May 24 - 56 year old David G. Gillum. Employer: Verizon Services Operation, Gustine, CA

May 25 - 62 year old Tom Rosebrugh. Employer: TR Timber Co., West Branch, MI

May 25 - 39 year old Leonal Tarrazus. Employer: Kenyon Plastering Inc. of Lubbock, TX

May 25 - 31 year old Daniel Miller. Employer: Tyler Perrigo in Seaside, OR

May 26 - 56 year old William Frasier. Employer: PK Management, LLC of Morrow, GA

May 26 - 72 year old Franklin H. Freeman. Employer: Spartan Manufacturing Corp., of Kernersville, NC

May 26 - 26 year old Luis Audelo-Partida. Employer: Go Native, Inc. of LaHonda, CA

May 27 - 53 year old Vonnie Lee Bullard. Employer: Peak Steel LLC of Raleigh, NC

May 27 - 36 year old James Timothy Dixon. Employer: Wildcat Precision Machining of Ingleside, TX

May 27 - 43 year old Laurent Thisquen. Employer: Nguyen & Nguyen LLC dba Honest of Seaside, CA

May 27 - 54 year old Rodney Sanders. Employer: Palomar Grading and Paving of Chula Vista, CA

May 28 - 47 year old Randy Bell. Employer: Movie Tavern in Fort Worth, TX

May 29 - 25 year old Dejesus Adrian. Employer: J&M Lighting Fixtures of Lawrenceville, PA

May 29 - 40 year old Ruben Manzo. Employer: Ravi & Jay Thiara Farm in Merced, CA

May 30 - 52 year old Effrain Juan Ramirez. Employer: Clay T. Strickland Farm in Spring Hope, NC

May 30 - 34 year old Jason Hampton. Employer: Mudslingers, LLC of Medford, OK

May 31 - 43 year old Pedro Silva Mojica. Employer: Bermudez Longo Diaz-Masso LLC of San Juan, PR

May 31 - 41 year old Kenny "Bub" Lester. Employer: EQT Corporation of Wharncliffe, WV

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Anonymous said...

Richard Gilford was my brother and one of the greatest brothers you could ever ask for. Miss him bad.

Tammy said...

I am sorry for your loss, I lost my brother too and i know how hard it is to loose someone you grew up with. I still miss my bub every day. if you like we do offer a tribute and our faces campaign. You are more than welcome to take a look If you need anything please do not hesitate to call or email.

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