Friday, April 06, 2012

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Feb 17- 60 year old Robert Demarco of Phoenix, AZ. Crushed in conveyor belt while working for US Airways.

Feb 20- 59 year old Ricky Paul Phillips of Oak Ridge, TN. Killed when his tractor trailer ran off the road and hit several trees. Employer: Natures Best Organics.

Feb 20- 26 year old Fernando Aburto of Savannah, GA. Fainted after he cut his hand working for StaffCo and hit his head on the concrete surface.

Feb 21- 40 year old Macalma Gilbert of Waipahu, HI. Killed when he became trapped by a collapsing mound of dirt while working for W.A. Felix Brothers.

Feb 22- 47 year old Earline Brundage of Elizabeth, NJ. Pinned by shipping containers while working at Port Newark Container Terminal.

Feb 22- 18 year old Jeremy Tighe. Employer: McCutchanville Fire Station of Evansville, IN. Killed in crash.

Feb 23- 44 year old Tony Radulescu. Was shot while working for Washington State Police of Port Orchard, WA.

Feb 23- 58 year old Michael Eugene Wells. Killed in a trench collape in Gatlinburg, TN. Contracted by NEO Corp for Veolia Water North American of Candler, NC.

Feb 23- 50 year old Sam Wilson of New Albany, MS. Killed when he was caught in machinery while working for Best Foam Company.

Feb 24- 56 year old Javier Hernandez of Richmond, VA was a landscape worker that was struck by a falling tree.

Feb 24- 28 year old Nickafor Zephyrine of Savannah, GA was killed after being shot in the head by a co-worker while working at OA Logistics.

Feb 24- 58 year old Ismael Rodriguez of Wimauma, FL was killed when the dumptruck he was driving for J&M Pavement overturned.

Feb 24- 58 year old Joseph Rossi of Verona, NJ was shot and killed at his business, Phoenix Amusement Company.

Feb 25- 48 year old Preston Ross Jr. Suffered a heart attack while on duty for the Chicago Police Dept of Chicago, IL.

Feb 25- 43 year old Jesse Guerrero. Employer: Supreme Vacuum Services of San Antonio, TX. Was killed when his big rig broke down and another truck struck him when he stepped out.

Feb 27- 51 year old Todd Richardson of Colfax, WI. He was killed when he was transporting fuel for Kane Transportation INC when his truck left the road, crossed the median, crashed and caught fire.

Feb 27- 62 year old Dale Eugene Thompson of Hazleton, ID. Was killed when his semitrailer rolled off of an overpass and landed on the railroad tracks below.

Feb 27- 53 year old Estaban Leos. The construction worker from Mississippi was killed when he was installing cable barriers on the interstate and a vehicle struck him.

Feb 27- 64 year old C. Dennis Cash of Madison Heights, VA. The owner of Cash's Garage was struck by the driver of a passing 18 wheeler that wedged him between his own tow truck.

Feb 28- 38 year old Roger Dale Roberts from Owsley County in Kentucky was killed while working for Kendall Tree Service. He was cutting trees along the highway when a branch fell and landed on him.

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