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Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Welcome back. Thank you so much for visiting out site! We are here to honor and remember workers who have died due to a work related incident. This post is a new beginning for 2012. If you or someone you know has suffered from a work related incident, please don't hesitate to contact us. Visit our main site for more information.

Jan 2, OSCEOLA, AR - 83 year old Johnny H. Brooks, and employee for Roller Swift Funeral Homes, died when he fell from a ladder and hit his head while trying to store decorations at the business.

Jan 4, PORTSMOUTH, VA - 60 year old William Harris died of natural causes while he was riding in a transport van to begin his shift at a VDOT tunnel booth.

Jan 5, RICHLAND, IA - 60 year old John Hamms died when he was engulfed in a grain bin. He was a farmer. No other details are available.

Jan 6, ANN ARBOR, MI - 67 year old Kenneth Levine died when he lost his balance while working on a ladder and fell to the ground. He was employed by L&S Plumbing.

Jan 6, SAN ANTONIO, TX - 44 year old Miguel Perez died due a fall from a roof while working to replace asphalt shingles. Mr. Perez was contracted by Fry Roofing, Inc.

Jan 6, SCARBOROUGH, ME - 44 year old John Plante was descending a wooden power transmission pole when he somehow fell to the ground. He was wearing safety equipment. He was employed by Hawkeye, LLC.

Jan 16, AVONDALE, PA - 40 year old Lucio Valderrabano died when he was engulfed in grain while working for Cardile Brothers Mushrooms. No other information is available.

Jan 20, NATCHEZ, MS - Steven Kyle Jones died of an unknown cause while working for Energy Drilling. No further details were given.

Jan 20, CARLISLE, AR - 56 year old Jacques Parker died at Four Parkers Farms when he was engulfed in a grain bin.

Jan 20, ITTA BENA, MS - 33 year old Deon Armstrong died buried in material at Live Oaks Planting Co. No details are available.

Jan 25, LAGRANGEVILLE, NY - 65 year old Claude Townsend died of a medical issue while performing his duties. He was employed by Lagrange Department of Public Works.

Jan 26, OMAHA, NE - 49 year old Richard Moscato died when he was pinned between a work dock and delivery truck. He was employed by Bimbo Bakeries, a Sarah Lee bakery outlet.

Jan 26, HAMPTON, NH - 48 year old Paul "Mike" Carney died of an unspecified cause while delivery his usual mail route.

Jan 27, SALEM, ND - 38 year old Richard Ries died in an oil field explosion incident near Keene.

Jan 27, HAGERSTOWN, MD - Herman Weaver died of unknown injuries suffered while working at the Holcim Inc.

Jan 28, MILPITAS, CA - Raul Zapata of Hayward working as a carpenter died in a home construction trench collapse. General Contractor is Richard Liu of US-Sino Investments.

Jan 30, DELMAR, WI - 52 year old Patrick Mateski of Stanley was found unresponsive inside a cow pen at a farm in Delmar.

Jan 30, CONRATH, WI - 34 year old Anthony Knoll died in a in the town of Cleveland.

Jan 30, EL CAJON, CA - 41 year old Gordon Woodard was struck in the head while he was attempting to turn the propeller of his airplane. He and another employee were using the plane for a business trip. He was employed by Southern California Soil & Testing, Inc.

Feb 3, SEATTLE, WA - 39 year old William "Bull" Ben Shelby of Bremerton died in a fall at Vigor Shipyards.

Feb 7, NILES, OH - 57 year old Jeffrey Uber died of a reported head injury at Better Management Corp. of OH.

Feb 7, WILSONVILLE, OR - Susan Asher, a teacher at Inza R. Wood Middle School in Wilsonville due to a fall or medical issue on February 2.

Feb 8, ALEXANDRIA, VA - 33 year old Joshua Weissman of Bristow died in a fall from a bridge while responding to a car fire. He was employed by the Alexandria Fire Dept.

Feb 8, DENVER, CO - 41 year old Dennis Mann died when the boom he was operating at O'Brien Concrete Pumping equipment yard touched an overhead electrical line.

Feb 8, HARLINGEN, TX - 51 year old Noe Cabriales was killed when he was struck by the force of a burst line while working at Great White Energy Services oil drilling site.

Feb 9, CRETE, IL - 47 year old Edward Randall, a mechanic, was working under a tour bus that fell onto him.

Feb 11, SUWANEE, GA - 45 year old Jeffery Lee McGhee was operating a skid-steer machine at a residential property on a steep incline and it impacted a tree causing McGhee's death.

Feb 11, KLICKITAT, WA - 44 year old Harold R. Malcolm Jr. of The Dalles, OR died in a fiery tanker truck crash.

Feb 12, BRECKENRIDGE, CO - 67 year old Ted Sams died while working at a residential construction site. He cut an artery in his leg with a saw and suffered massive blood loss.

Feb 13, GORE, VA - 21 year old Zachary Whitacre died after being thrown from the back of a fire truck that had crashed into a bank along the road. He was a volunteer for the Gore Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company.

Feb 13, FREEPORT, MN - 18 year old Craig Wiechmann died when he was pinned inside a silo. Reports say he was breaking up frozen silage when he got entangled in the auger.

Feb 13, TOWSON, MD - 35 year old Timothy Bartholomew was killed due to a fall from an automated parking lift at The Palisades parking garage.

Feb 13, TEXAS CITY, TX - 26 year old Virgel James Stoker died in an incident involving industrial equipment. He worked for Dallas Group of America's Inc. Texas City facility.

Feb 13, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - 46 year old Mark Meschelle, an employee for Allied Plumbing, was killed when he was struck by another vehicle unloading items from the back of his work van.

Feb 14, INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 64 year old Arnold O. Rexroad of Effingham, IL was killed when he was pinned between his disabled semi truck and tow truck when it was struck from behind by another semi truck on a snowy roadway.

Feb 14, SHELTON, CT - 46 year old Francisco Amaral of Bridgeport died after the roof of a condo unit in Shelton. He was J.C. Silva Remodeling Services in Bridgeport.

Feb 14, JACKSONVILLE, FL - 42 year old Peter Jerome Michnick of Carney, MI, died when he fell from the back of a boom truck, striking his head before falling into the St. John's River. He was employed by Osmore Railroad Services.

Feb 14, DUBLIN, OH - 46 year old Mohamed S. Hassan was found shot dead inside a Sunoco Gas Station by a co-worker arriving for work.

Feb 14, DENVER, CO - 29 year old Carlos R. Navarette died when he was a forklift and steel rolls on his work site. His employer is unknown.

Feb 15, ASHEVILLE, NC - Herman Glenn Wooten, a truck driver, died when his rig went off the roadway and he became trapped in the truck's cab.

Feb 15, MOSES LAKE, WA - 56 year old Bill Massey of Soap Lake died when a concrete wall collapsed and toppled over on top of him. He was working at Two Rivers Terminal chemical warehouse in Moses Lake.

Feb 15, TEMPLE, TX - 71 year old James Johnson lost his battle to survive after injuries he received when his school bus collided with a delivery truck on Jan 17. He was a driver for Academy ISD, having worked for the district for 27 years.

Feb 16, AMARILLO, TX - 58 year old Tommy Barrett was killed when his Hereford School District truck exploded when he turned the ignition. He worked as a plumber for the district for 12 years.

Feb 17, MIDDLEBURG, FL - 35 year old Detective David White was shot and killed when he was at a home investigating a meth lab. He was part of the Clay County Sheriff Department.

Feb 17, TEXARKANA, TX - 20 year old Stephen Rodney Cutchall of Atlanta, TX was killed when a heavy metal support beam broke loose and struck him in the head. He was working at Jackson Pipe & Steel in Texarkana.

Feb 18, PHOENIX, AZ - 60 year old Robert Demarco died when he became trapped between two baggage handling conveyor belts. He was an employee for US Airways, working at the Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

Feb 18, CLINTON, NC - 26 year old Brandon Christopher Taylor died after being overcome by toxic fumes as he cleaned out a tanker while working at Sampson pork packing plant.

Feb 18, ATLANTA, GA - 34 year old Samuel Wallace was shot and killed by a man who entered a Pizza Hut store in search of his ex-girlfriend who worked at the store. After killing Wallace the shooter turned the gun on himself. The ex-girlfriend was unharmed.

Feb 19, PORTLAND, OR - 57 year old John Summers of Pe Ell, OR died when he fell into a vat of toxic and corrosive chemicals while on a barge at Swan Island Basin. It is unclear who Summers was working for.

Feb 19, PORTLAND, OR - 30 year old Robert Greene was shot and killed while working as a bouncer/security for Grand Central Restaurant & Bowling Lounge. He was attempting to secure a rowdy group near the front door when gunshots were heard.

Feb 19, DENVER, CO - 43 year old Leonardo Soledad-Garcia died at a construction work site when he fell into a 5-foot deep trench and was impaled on a sharp object. His employer is not named.

Feb 20, LARADO, TX - 31 year old Roberto Rodriguez Jr. died after he fell from the side of building. He was doing some work on the side of the El Catan Restaurant and the rope he was using tore and he fell to the ground. It is unclear who his employer was.

Feb 20, CHICAGO, IL - 45 year old Charles Kimbrough died when he was pinned between two vehicles while attempting to unload a delivery truck. While at the back of the delivery truck, another driver caused a chain reaction when he struck another vehicle causing Kimbrough to become pinned.

Feb 21, HONOLULU, HI - Gilbert Macalma died when he was caught and partially buried in a trench collapse at a home construction work site in Waialae Iki Ridge.

Feb 21, PALM HARBOR, FL - 49 year old George Karalis and another employee were closing up the Ferman BMW dealership where they worked when Karalis fell from the back of a golf cart when the driver made a turn.

Feb 21, SAVANNAH, GA - 26 year old Fernando Aburto died of head trauma while working at Southern Metals Recycling. Reports state he cut his hand and upon seeing the blood he passed out and struck his head on the concrete.

Feb 22, MCCUTCHANVILLE, IN - 18 year old volunteer firefighter Jeremy Tighe died when the fire truck he was a passenger in ran off the roadway and overturned. He was a member of the McCutchanville Fire Department.

Feb 22, BRISTOL, VA - Clarence Collins was the victim of a farm tractor roll over while driving on a roadway. Passersby saw the tractor, stopped and called for help.

Feb 22, PORT NEWARK, NJ - 47 year old Earline Brundage of Phillipsburg died when she was crushed between two bus-sized shipping containers. She was working at the Port Newark Container Terminal and was a member of the Longshormen's Association.

Feb 23, TACOMA, WA - 44 year old Trooper Tony Radulescu was shot to death by a man he had pulled over along State Route 16. The man later turned the gun on himself when deputies went to his residence. Radulescu was a Washington State Trooper.

Feb 26, JEAN, NV - 57 year old Robert Vanwettering of Nevada died of blunt force chest trauma when his tractor trailer rig collided with the rear of another semi truck near Jean.

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