Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Toll:Death in the American Workplace

Three Employees Killed in Robbery

April 1, FARMVILLE, NC - 26 year old Nabil "Sam" Al'Mogannahi, 24 year old Gaber "David" Alawi and 16 year old Mokbell "Sam" Almujanhi, all related, were shot and killed during a robbery at the family owned convenience store Hustle Mart 3 in Farmville.

Farmer Killed

April 2, AVOCA, WI - 78 year old Alfred Albrecht died when he was attacked by a bull he owned while feeding livestock. He was a farmer.

Truck Driver Crashes Over Embankment

April 2, BUFFALO, WY - 44 year old Oscar L. Vizcarra of Lewisville, TX, a truck driver, was hauling a load of bentonite when the truck jack-knifed and went over a 300-foot embankment near Buffalo, killing him. His employer is unknown.

Truck Driver Killed in Crash

April 2, HARRIMAN, TN - 52 year old Rupert Halstead of Russellville, AR was killed when he lost control of his tractor trailer and it overturned on I-40 near Harriman. His employer is unknown but he was hauling bologna when he crashed.

School Worker Killed in Shooting Rampage

April 2, OAKLAND, CA - 24 year old Katleen Ping was an administrative assistant for Oikos University in Oakland when a man entered the building looking for a female administrator. Angry that the woman was not there, the gunman proceeded to shoot Ping and then opened fire on students before leaving and later being arrested.

Crane Collapses Onto Worker

April 3, MANHATTAN, NY - 30 year old Michael Simmermeyer of Burlington, NJ was killed and others injured when a construction boom crane collapsed to the ground and he was crushed under it. Simmermeyer was working on No. 7 Subway line for Metro Transit Authority but it is unknown who was his direct employer.

Deputy Slain
Apr 12 - MODESTO, CA - 53 year old Robert Paris died when he was shot while attempting to serve an eviction notice. He was a deputy for the Stanislaus County Sheriff.

Incident Kills Worker
Apr 12 - MT. PLEASANT, TN - 44 year old Keith Frierson died when he apparently lost his footing and fell into the hopper of a shredding machine while working for Tennessee Aluminum Processors.


Maryland Workers Compensation said...

God Bless Us All. The spirit of Jurgis Rudkus and Mr. Sinclair live on. Your blog is a monument that needs to exist. Thank you for taking the time.

online health and safety said...

I cannot help but notice that both drivers who got killed in a crash died on the same day. All saddening events, especially the shooting incident in the school again. The shredder incident was grisly and well, the construction one...a given? Godspeed to all of you.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the number of workers who walk under loaded cranes and forklifts. They become completely complacent to the hazards they work around. Everyone thinks it will be the other guy,not them. As an operator I see it all day, everyday. When I tell them to get out from under the load I get dirty looks or very graphic comments. I don't want to be the guy to kill them because
e of their stupidity. I will be the one with the front row seat and the one who will remember it for the rest of my life. Things break all the time and gravity works really well. Just think first or at least listen. Please...

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