Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

"Going to work should NOT be a grave mistake"!  We offer our condolences to the family members left behind and are here to help if you need it.

August 12, 2013 - Thousand Oaks, CA - 51 year old Matthew McKnight, a Los Angeles Fire Department Captain, died on the job while working at the city's dispatch center. It is unclear why he collapsed.

August 16 - Orlando, FL - 63 year old Solange Blain was killed when the car she was driving was struck from behind by another vehicle.  She was a cast member for one of the shows at Walt Disney World.

August 18 - Gary, IN - 28 year old Mihid Abutemeh of Oak Lawn, was shot to death while working as a clerk at a family run convenience store during a robbery attempt. 

August 19 - New Castle, PA - 37 year old Brian Krauss was killed on the job when a fuel storage tank exploded and he suffered head/pelvis injuries as he was thrown from the site of the explosion.  Krauss was a welder and owned Krauss Portable Welding and was doing work for Brownies Oil Co., an operating division of Reed Oil.

August 19 - Missoula, MT - 44 year old Bruce Hall died from burns on August 20th when paint fumes ignited, causing a fire.  Hall was pouring lacquer from a barrel into a smaller container when static electricity caused the lacquer fumes to ignite.  He was employed by Rick's Auto Body.

August 19 - Erving, MA - 77 year old Kenneth Hubbard, Jr. died from injuries sustained in a farming accident.  Hubbard was using draft horses to hay a field, when something startled the horses causing him to fall. He was then dragged a short distance.

August 19 - Turner, ME - 57 year old Manuel Adame was shot while working at Moark Egg Farm.  Another worker was using a gun to shoot rodents and stray chickens to clear an egg house and one of his bullets hit Adame in the neck and chest.

August 19 - Severn, MD - 26 year old Manuel Armando Zuniga-Esquina of Silver Spring died on the job when he was buried to the neck in a trench collapse while working at a home construction project. It is unclear who he was employed by.

August 19 - Dandridge, TN - 31 year old Justin Randolph Bass of Knoxville died after being thrown from an elevated lift.  Bass, a self employed window cleaner, was in the elevated bucket of a lift truck when it became unstable and rolled down a hill, throwing him about 60 feet.

August 19 - Pasco, WA - Alfredo Madrigal collapsed and died on the job while picking beans in a field in Pasco.  He felt ill and stopped for lunch but was later found on the ground by co-workers.  Reports state he died of Cardio myopathy/edema.  He was employed by Willis Schinkelshoek. 

August 20 - McLean, VA - 36 year old Juan Francisco Cema Alfaro of Falls Church died on the job when the backhoe he was operating fell into a large hole and the dirt collapsed around him.  He was part of a four person crew working on a renovation project at a home.  His employer was not listed.

August 20 - Holliston, MA - 26 year old Ryan Hopkins died after he was electrocuted and burned while trimming trees.  He was in an elevated bucket truck when the chainsaw he was using touched a power line. He was a 10 year employee for Ahronian Landscaping and Design.

August 20 - Lometa, TX - 68 year old George William Reed was killed when the dump truck he was driving crossed the center line on a highway and was involved in a three vehicle crash.  He was an employee for Lampasas County.

August 21 - Southbury, CT - 83 year old David Dicks was killed while working on his family farm when he was crushed under his tractor while working in a hay field.

August 21 - Mesa, AZ - An unidentified man in his 50's died after being suffocated under hundreds of pounds of palm fronds while trimming a palm tree. The man had used a belt and spikes to climb the tree when he was caught under the fallen skirt of fronds.

August 22 - Buckeye, KY - 29 year old Bobby Maggard and 25 year old Scotty Elam were killed and three others injured when lightening struck a barn they were working in.  They were working in the barn hanging tobacco leaves to cure when the lightening struck.

August 22 - Plymouth, MN - 34 year old Ryan C. Mastracchio died of electrocution while hanging gutters on a multi-unit residence.  He was on a ladder installing the gutters when he somehow touched a live power line. 

August 23 - Shippenville, PA - 56 year old Kenneth Nichols of Emlenton died when he was crushed by a large piece of equipment at his job at Clarion Boards fiberboard plant.  He was performing maintenance when he became pinned between a roller and the frame of a roller.

August 23 - Eugene, OR - 31 year old David Huynh of Greshem died on the job when the crane he was working from toppled over.  He was employed by North American Power Line Construction Services repairing a cell tower and inside the bucket of the rented crane.

August 24 - Lake Butler, FL - 80 year old Marvin Pritchett, owner of Pritchett Trucking Company, and 28 year old Rolando Gonzales Delgato were shot to death by a former employee/co-worker for an unknown reason.  The victims were at different locations when they were shot.  The former employee also shot 44 year old David Griffis in the stomach at the company's headquarters and was hospitalized but he died on August 28th.  The man also shot another man who survived.  The shooter committed suicide after going on his shooting spree.

August 24 - Escondido, CA - 27 year old Matthew Courtright was killed when he was crushed under an overturned forklift.  He was operating the forklift when it tipped over.  He was employed by Stone Brewing Company.    

August 25 - Fort Worth, TX - 30 year old Sevastian Sanchez died after being struck by a falling chimney at a construction site on the Texas Christian University campus.  He was employed by Zamora Construction.

August 25 - Siskiyou County, CA - Oscar Montano-Garcia of Medford, OR collapsed while on a break with other crew members fighting the Nabob Fire in Northern California. He was a part of the pump operations crew said a spokesman for the U.S. Fire Administration.

August 26 - Columbus, GA - 50 year old James Jackson and 46 year old Allen Thomas died after being trapped in a trench collapse at an apartment complex.  The men worked for Allen Development Group. 

August 26 - Brooklyn, NY - 32 year old Mohammed Bilal died on the job when he was shot to death by a man who entered the New Attitude electronics store he was working at. After shooting Bilal, the man fled on his bike. 

August 26 - Woodbury, NJ - 40 year old Surinder Singh was killed on the job when he was shot to death by robbery suspects.  He was working at the Garden State Fuel gas station.

August 26 - Terre Haute, IN - 44 year old Kenneth Waller was found dead of massive head trauma in the basement of a building under construction.  His family found him after they did not hear from him for many hours after work.   He was last seen going to check windows above the place where he was found.

August 27 - Livermore, CA - 62 year old Oscar Marquez was struck and killed on the job by an asphalt truck that was laying new asphalt on a track at a middle school in North Berkley.  He was employed by Robert A. Bothman Construction, Inc. 

August 27 - Bakersfield, CA - 49 year old Alejandro Hernandez died on the job from electrocution while working at a Grimway Farms facility. He was shocked while working on a junction box in a cooler unit.  

August 28 - Burlington, NC - An unidentified utility worker was struck and killed and a co-worker injured while they worked along a highway near Wilmington.  The workers were installing fiber optic lines. 

August 28 - Lake Butler, FL - 44 year old David Griffis was shot on August 24 when an ex co-worker went on a shooting spree, killing two others, including the owner, of Pritchett Trucking.  He had been in critical condition until his death on the 28th.  The ex employee also shot another person who was not seriously injured. It remains unclear why the man sought out the individuals he did. 

August 28 - Cantonsville, MD - 36 year old Officer Jason Schneider was shot to death by a suspect during an early morning raid on a home in Cantonsville.  The alleged assailant was also killed.  Schneider was an officer for the Baltimore County Police Dept.

August 29 - Shady Grove, PA - Rickie Lee Grimsley died on the job when he was pinned between two cranes. He was standing between a parked crane and one that was being moved by another employee. The crane turned too sharply to the right and trapped him between the two cranes.  He was employed by Manitowoc Crane Group. 

August 29 - Jefferson County, OH - 31 year old Jesse Grimsley from Minnesota was killed when the piece of equipment he was driving rolled over and down an embankment. He attempted to jump off the vehicle but was caught on the track.  He was working to install a gas pipeline for Sheehan Pipeline Construction.

August 29 - Quapaw, OK - 48 year old James Carl Wivell of Longmont was killed on the job when his tractor trailer rig was involved in a highway crash.  The driver of a car was fleeing police after a bank robbery and attempted to pass Wivell's semi.  Due to another car coming head on, the car's driver tried to go in front of the semi but clipped the front of the truck causing the crash.

August 29 - Sleepy Eye, MN - 77 year old Donald George Richert died from burns related to a farming incident.  He was using a skid loader near a burn pit and when he got off the machine to move something the loader moved forward, pinning his leg and trapping him in the pit.

August 29 - Alliance, NE - 46 year old Juan Vasquez of Hemingford was killed on the job when he was crushed under a large truck axle.  He was working alone at the time and was discovered by his employer.  It is unknown who he was employed by.

August 29 - Cathedral City, CA - 18 year old Arthur Plata was killed and his co-worker injured when he was struck and pinned by a vehicle as they worked near a trailer attached to a truck.  A motorist struck the trailer which caused Plata's death. Plata was a landscaper but it is not clear who he was employed by.

August 30 - Andover, NY - 79 year old Douglas Wightman of Bolivar was killed on the job when oil rigging equipment fell onto him.  Workers were servicing a hydraulic well when pulleys and cables on its mast snapped and fell onto Wightman.  It is unclear who he worked for. 

August 30 - New Castle, PA - 34 year old Justin Callahan of New Wilmington died on the job of crushing injuries when the commercial mower he was operating tipped over and roll on top of him.  He was working for an unnamed landscape company.

August 31 - Irondale, AL - 24 year old Mike Isaac Alvarenga Carlos of Texas died on the job when he fell while painting a water tower.  Authorities say he was climbing a ladder inside the drained water tank when he fell.  His employer is not listed.

August 31 - Port Hudson, LA - 53 year old Joseph "Leon" Boudreaux was killed on the job after he apparently fell from a forklift he was operating.  He was working alone at the Georgia-Pacific Port Hudson Operations warehouse when he was found.  

August 31 - Belleville, IL - 80 year old Frank Antoine was a long time volunteer for Althoff Catholic High School.  He was part of the football team's "chain gang", a crew that uses a chain to measure downs on the field.  Mr. Antoine fell and struck his head while working with the crew at the Friday night football game. 

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